2016 Results

SOCRA's 2016 Annual Conference Poster Special Recognition Award Program consisted of 107 posters. Finalists were chosen based on their combined scores from their abstracts and poster evaluations. The finalists were given an opportunity to present their poster to their peers and a panel of judges on Saturday October 1st. Based on a combined score from the abstracts, posters, and presentations, one winner was chosen from each category (Clinical Trials and Clinical Research Management).

Congratulations to the 2016 Poster Program Special Recognition Award Winners and Finalists!

2016 Clinical Trials Category

Winner - Emily Olsson

Does Increased Physical Activity Correlate with Lower Calorie Choices?


Katherine Curtin

Assessing discrepancies between patient and surrogate
quality of life appraisals in an HIV/AIDS population

Ashely Mathis

The Value of Creating Clinical Site Voluntary Rare
Disease Registries to Facilitate Patient Identification and

Manideepthi Pemmaraju

Trends in High-grade Cervical Cancer Precursors in
the Era of HPV Vaccination, Davidson County, TN

Smitha Velanky

Non-Tourniquet-Use During Total Knee Arthroplasty
Shows No Significant Benefit


2016 Clinical Reserach Management Category

Winner - Pukar Ratti

Enhancing Engagement and Retention of Clinical
Research Coordinator (CRC) Workforce Via Introduction
of a Formal ‘CRC Ladder Program’ at a Regional Health System

Jennifer Li

Quality Assurance Metrics in Clinical Trial Conduct

Kristofer Griffith

Accelerating High-Priority Protocol Approval
Through Implementation of a Fast-Track Informed
Consent Program

Jessica Saunders

Inclusion of the Joint Task Force Competency Domains
in Onboarding Programs for Clinical Research Coordinators:
Variations, Enablers and Barriers within the Pediatric
Emergency Care Applied Research Network

Smitha Vellanky

The Predictive Value of Preoperative Exclusion Criteria
in a Joint Replacement Bundled Payment Model:
How Much Risk Can We Accept?