Examination Results

Graded Examination

Scoring of the examination is completed electronically by an independent outside testing agency. Examinations are batch processed, and grades will be emailed to candidates once the score is validated.  Successful applicants will receive a CCRP® certificate approximately four weeks after the grade letter has been received.

SOCRA strives to report grades to candidates within six weeks of the date of testing.  The passing score is determined by a panel of experts and is validated by a review of the psychometric testing analysis before score reports are released.

Exam results WILL NOT be reported by phone or fax.

Exam Review

Candidates who do not achieve a passing score may request an exam review which outlines the content areas where the candidate was unsuccessful. A written request for exam review must be sent to the SOCRA Certification Committee by emailing certification@socra.org  within three months of the examination date.


All appeals related to examination results must be sent in writing to SOCRA Re: Certification Appeal by e-mail to office@socra.org, mailed to 530 West Butler Avenue, Suite 109 Chalfont, PA 18914 USA, or faxed to: (215) 822-8633