Refunds, Rescheduling and Retesting

Refund Policy

The fee is refundable if the application process is unsuccessful. For qualified applicants who apply for an examination, the fee is nonrefundable.


If the applicant is unable to take the examination on the date specified, the applicant must formally notify SOCRA in writing to (email) that they will be unable to sit for the examination. The applicant will then have one year, from the originally scheduled examination date, to take the examination at another site. If the applicant fails to take the exam within that specified period, he/she will forfeit their examination fee and must submit a new application and fee when reapplying.


If you are retesting:

  • If you are re-testing within 1 year of the original test date, you may not need to resubmit your supporting documentation (job description(s), employment verification letter(s), etc.). Contact SOCRA by email  to confirm.
  • No waiting period is required for re-testing.
  • Re-test fee within one year of original test date: $200
  • To register, complete an application form and submit with payment to the SOCRA office.