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We'd like to extend our congratulations to the incoming 2018-2019 SOCRA Board Members and Officers .

We thank all of the candidates for participating.

The Board of Director's election takes place annually in April. 

To nominate a SOCRA member for consideration as a candidate, please visit the nomination section of the website.

2018 Election Results

President Elect 
Amy Jo Jenkins, MS, CCRP

Executive Director, Translational Research Institute
Instructor, Regulatory Program, Colleges of Public Health and Pharmacy, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Little Rock, AR

Vision Statement: I am humbled and honored to be nominated to serve as the President of SOCRA. I believe education empowers people to be outstanding in both their personal lives and professional careers. During my service on the Board of Directors, I have witnessed SOCRA’s commitment to this same idea through association initiatives, strategic planning, the annual conference, support of chapter activities, and certification exam. As the founding Chairperson of the Arkansas Chapter, I have supported the professional networking opportunities, learning, and camaraderie that the local chapter program offers. By serving as President, I will work with the Board of Directors to further establish SOCRA as the global leader in clinical research education and professional certification. I would be privileged to serve the diverse and robust clinical research workforce that makes up SOCRA’s membership.


Patricia M. Beers Block, M.DEd., BS, BS, CCRP

Lecturer. Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Health Related Professions, Health Informatics Dept., Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Vision Statement:  It is tremendous honor to be nominated as a candidate for Secretary of SOCRA.  It has been inspirational to serve SOCRA as a Speaker, Author, Program Planning Committee Member, certification exam facilitator, and to have worked with other board members and SOCRA office associates on strategic initiatives. My experiences with FDA and Rutgers are very relevant to the demands and needs of our Board Secretary.  Early in my career as an FDA field investigator, I had to meticulously record observations I made during inspections of clinical facilities and clinical research submissions.  As a project manager for several FDA guidance documents and draft regulations, I was afforded the opportunity to record, track, and refine team discussions of and edits to these important documents. My current teaching position at Rutgers requires careful attention to detail in the creation of lectures and associated instructional material for new courses; ensuring that these materials accurately reflect the current state of affairs with clinical research is critical to their success in educating students pursuing a masters degree in clinical trials. As the SOCRA Board Secretary, I promise to contribute to board meetings and the recording of those meetings accurately and with great professionalism. I welcome the opportunity to continue to work with the Board of Directors, SOCRA office associates, and SOCRA membership to help meet SOCRA’s mission of providing high quality education and certification opportunities for our members.  I sincerely thank you for your support of SOCRA and for casting your vote!

Jennifer Li, BSc, CCRP

Quality Assurance Supervisor, Cancer Clinical Research Unit, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre/University Health Network, Toronto, Ontario Canada

Vision Statement: I am honored to be considered for a position on the SOCRA Board of Directors. Throughout my 10-year research career, SOCRA has been an invaluable source of knowledge and guidance, and has embraced my contributions to its community. As the Chairperson of the Greater Toronto Area Chapter, my core focus has been to expand members’ access to the chapter and to provide timely and stimulating education sessions to clinical research professionals. I am passionate about quality clinical research and I am proud to have presented on related topics at several chapter meetings and annual conferences in the past. Having worked in the quality assurance team at a large academic center, I have gained considerable insight on the challenges of clinical research, as well as opportunities and best practices. As a member of the SOCRA Board, I will draw on my knowledge and experience as a clinical research professional, as an educator, and as a leader to support the organization in delivering the best possible educational programs and networking opportunities. In order to effectively represent its membership, I will continue to engage and gather feedback from SOCRA members. I will strive to ensure SOCRA continues to be an excellent forum for collaboration and research quality advocacy. I am excited to give back to the SOCRA community, and look forward to the opportunity to serve you as a Director.

Laura Holtz, MS, CCRP

Senior Research Manager, Indiana Univeristy Center for Aging Research, Regenstrief Institute, Indianapolis, IN

Vision Statement: Research has become my passion and I have found SOCRA to be not only a valuable asset, but also has provided opportunities to use my background as an educator to promote professional development.  I have been honored to present nationally at the SOCRA annual conferences, poster session, and SOCRA’s Social Media workshop, as well as locally with Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) Workforce Development. Additionally, I have worked to disseminate knowledge by authoring articles for the SOCRA Source journal.  Involvement in SOCRA provides opportunities to share my experiences, gain knowledge from others in their area of expertise, and discuss important topics with my staff and the local research network.  Development and promotion of high-quality training and education to support the research community are essential.  As the Chairperson of the Indianapolis chapter, I have worked to revive the chapter, after years of being dormant, to a thriving community. My goals for that chapter have been to offer regular, well-attended meetings, promote a space for local networking opportunities, and host an annual CCRP certification exam.  The Indy chapter committee surveys our membership to identify topics of interest and expert presenters in our local community.  I hope to offer lessons learned from our chapter experience in the role as a SOCRA Board member.  Additionally, I hope to share my area of expertise working with older adults who may lack decision making capacity or have cognitive impairment. These vulnerable populations can present many challenges to researchers both in informed consent and access to research.  I am excited and honored to be considered for this opportunity to represent SOCRA and I will continue to work hard to support and promote the important work of this organization.  

Janelle Allen, MS, BS, CCRP

Director, Clinical Research Operations, Quality & Education, Institute for Advanced Clinical Trials for Children, Rockville, MD

Vision Statement: As the Chairperson for the Southwestern Ohio Chapter of SOCRA and the previous host for the SOCRA Certification Exam in Cincinnati, OH, I have gained considerable insight into SOCRAs service-based processes for building and maintaining its membership, certification, and leadership. I am a sincere advocate for clinical research regionally, nationally, and internationally through helping acquire continuing education, share best practice and procedures, prepare conference talks, workshops, and skill-based conferences, and maintain stringent regulatory oversight within clinical trials. Becoming a member of the Board of Directors will allow me to best serve our national and international membership and to further my advocacy for sound clinical research through educational projects and the support of superior recruitment/retention within clinical trials across the lifespan. The future of strong clinical research rests upon best practice, education, certification, and mentorship


Tina Willbee, BS, CCRP 

Project Manager, Project Management, Center of Excellence, Covance, Princeton, NJ

Vision Statement: As an active member of SOCRA for nearly a decade, I have obtained valuable understanding into the workings and growth vision of SOCRA. To demonstrate my continuous belief in SOCRA’s mission, I have held CCRP certification since 2009 for my continuing education, regularly attended national as well as local chapter meetings for my professional networking, and disseminated relevant knowledge generated from original research to global peers via multiple peer-reviewed posters and manuscripts for their professional development. I consider becoming a member of the Board of Directors would be the next right step. It will be an intellectually enriching and professionally satisfying experience for me that will truly allow me to do more of the above for my peers in the global clinical research industry. I am both honored and excited to be considered for a position on the Board of Directors. The increased responsibility and visibility of the role will support my engagement in a broad range of activities furthering the SOCRA mission of providing education, certification, and networking opportunities to all persons involved in clinical research activities.