2022 Election Results


Jessica Rowe, MA, MS, CCRP

Associate Director, HRPP/YCCI-RCQ
Yale School of Medicine, Yale Center for Clinical Investigation
Yale Human Research Protection Program
New Haven, CT, USA


Vision Statement

It is an honor to be nominated for the Office of President. SOCRA has been incredibly valuable for my career development, providing opportunities for continued education, growth, and networking. As a Chapter Chair and current Board member, it has been my goal to facilitate similar opportunities for SOCRA members. As President, I would continue working with the Board to support these efforts and build on the quality educational programming and continued growth of our association. In this role, I would also draw on my own experiences in the research enterprise to support and encourage members in their own professional pursuits. SOCRA represents integrity, excellence, and professionalism in the clinical research industry. It is by far the premier organization for clinical research professionals, and it would be my privilege to serve as President and continue to work with the Board to support the educational needs of our membership and promote excellence and quality in clinical research.


Catherine Hudson, MPH, CCRC, CCRP

Senior Director
F. Marie Hall Institute for Rural and Community Health
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Lubbock, TX, USA


Vision Statement

I am grateful and honored for the nomination to serve as Secretary for the SOCRA Board of Directors. SOCRA continues to be on the cutting edge as a leading clinical research organization, and I consider it a privilege to have been affiliated both as a member and as a Director. If elected, I will use my skills and experience to support the work of SOCRA by carrying out my duties with excellence, being a good ambassador for the organization, and making contributions where needed to champion its continued success.


Carrie Chiaro, MPH, CCRP, CHRC

Research Compliance Audit Manager
Office of Research Compliance
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Little Rock, AR, USA


Vision Statement

Over the last 20 years I have held several positions in human subjects research: study coordinator, regulatory manager, auditor, and now Research Compliance Audit Manager. I have been a Certified Clinical Research Professional since 2012, and was a co-chairperson for the Arkansas Chapter of SOCRA from 2016 to 2020. During my time as co-Chair, we provided many opportunities for our chapter members to receive continuing education and to network. We even earned the Chapter of the Year Award three of those years. Because our chapter includes the entire state of Arkansas, reaching all of our members has presented unique challenges. The increased use of virtual platforms has helped and has opened doors to more options. With the ever-changing landscape of clinical research, continuing education is very important. Having a network of people to exchange ideas with and learn from is equally important. As a director on the SOCRA Board of Directors, I plan to bring a new perspective and new ideas to the Board to make sure all SOCRA members are able to receive the education and networking opportunities they need.


Jane De Jesus, BSc, BA, CCRA, CCRP

Administrator, Research
Peter Boris Centre for Addictions Research
Department of Psychiatry & Behavioural Neurosciences
McMaster University & St. Joseph Healthcare Hamilton
Ontario, Canada  

Vision Statement

SOCRA has been an integral part of my journey in the clinical research realm. One thing that stands out for me is how much the society upholds Integrity while being nimble and agile. Time and time again, as researchers, we are tested on our integrity in many different ways. Each time I am challenged by this element I look to SOCRA – having that under my belt gives me greater confidence in the work that I do as a clinical research professional.

If elected, which I am profoundly honored to be nominated, I hope to continue the mission of the society with persistence and value-added leading by example and by expanding the network connectivity with the caveat of excellence, quality, integrity, innovation, equity and beyond at all times.


Amanda Galster, MPH, CCRP

Chief Operating Officer for Research
Aegis Consortium
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ, USA

Vision Statement 

My involvement in the planning for Annual Conferences and hosting other conferences and webinars has given me great insight into the mission and organization of SOCRA. As my career has shifted from pediatric research to pandemic research and response, I look forward to becoming involved in more SOCRA programs in new ways.

Throughout my years so far in this field, the thing I have enjoyed most is coaching and supporting research staff and empowering them to do their work in the most ethical and compliant ways. Supporting the professional development of clinical research professionals is crucial in this ever-changing landscape. The pandemic has changed how we do this important work, while also elevating the importance of rapid high-quality clinical research.   

Becoming a member of the Board of Directors would allow me to further support the education and professional development needs of our clinical research professionals, and I would be proud to serve the research community in this way.


Shirley LT Helm, MS, CCRP

Senior Administrator for Network Capacity & Workforce Strategies, Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research,
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, VA, USA 



Vision Statement

I am honored and humbled to be nominated for membership to SOCRA’s Board of Directors and am excited for the opportunity to give back to an organization that has given me so much. My varied clinical research experiences (e.g. managing a clinical research laboratory, study management and cost determinations, participant testing) together with my passion for professional development will allow me to contribute as a board member in advancing SOCRA’s mission to promote quality clinical research, protect the welfare of research participants, and improve global health in a rapidly evolving environment. SOCRA’s recognition and inclusion of all contributors to the clinical research ecosystem is a foundational value that aligns with my professional experiences and desire for continual growth and knowledge acquisition across all areas of clinical research. I believe that in working together and learning from each other we can strengthen, expand, and advance our chosen profession.


Susan Hmwe, MBBS, MS, PhD, CCRP 

Manager, Clinical Research Data Quality & Reporting NCI/CTRP and ClinicalTrials.gov PRS Administrator
Research Data Management and Analytics Department
City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center
Los Angeles, CA, USA



Vision Statement

I have been a Clinical Research Professional with over 20 years of clinical trial management experience in several therapeutic areas focusing on medical oncology, hematologic malignancies and diabetes mellitus trials. Throughout my extensive leadership experience, I have served multiple different roles in clinical trial management for Investigator Initiated, NCI/SWOG Cancer Research Network and Pharmaceutical Industrial trials. My work involves designing and implementing Electronic Medical Record (EHR), Electronic Data Capture (EDC), and Clinical Trials Management (CTMS) systems. My clinical research background includes clinical trials management system development, legacy data migration, quality assurance, and coordination of clinical research training to promote Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Clinical Data Management (CDM) practice.

In these unprecedented times, it has never been more essential that we work to accelerate the progress of clinical research. This dynamic field is constantly evolving, and I am committed to bringing diversity, equity, and inclusion to the field of clinical research by recognizing the importance of bringing diverse perspectives together. As a passionate advocate for clinical data management and as the Chairperson of the Greater Los Angeles SOCRA chapter, I will continue to collaborate and provide continuing research education and professional networking opportunities to the next generation of scientists and research coordinators who will revolutionize the future clinical research industry. I am committed to sharing my expertise in best research practice with my fellow members. Thank you for your support and for the opportunity to serve on your SOCRA board.

We'd like to extend our congratulations to the incoming 2021-2022 SOCRA Board Members and Officers.

We thank all of the candidates for participating.

The Board of Director's election takes place annually in April. 

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