2021 Election Results

President Elect  

Jennifer Li, BSc, CCRP

Quality Manager, Cancer Clinical Research Unit

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre / University Health Network

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Vision Statement

Over the past 13 years SOCRA has been a wonderful community and educational resource that has nurtured my growth as a clinical research professional. Its continued inclusivity, adaptability, and proactivity in the ever evolving landscape of clinical research continues to inspire me. As a Director on the SOCRA Board, I have had great pleasure of working alongside other board members and the SOCRA Staff in exploring new ideas, setting strategic directions, and driving new initiatives to better serve our members. As the Chairperson of the Greater Toronto Area Chapter, I continue to provide fresh and exciting education sessions to our members and taking these sessions online to ensure members have continued access during the pandemic.

It is a great honour to be nominated for the President of SOCRA. If elected, I will continue to strengthen what makes this organization great: being a leader in clinical research education, having an inclusive community that fosters collaboration and peer recognition, and embracing new ideas and innovation. I will also ensure that we continue to advocate for research quality and professionalism that will positively impact research participants and advancements in healthcare.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you as the President of SOCRA.



Laura R. Holtz, MS, PMP, CCRP

Clinical Research Leader

Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics

Indianapolis, Indiana 

Vision Statement

During times of disruption, innovations in “business as usual” are imperative for organizations to adapt. We have seen research professionals furloughed and programs halted during the COVID-19 restrictions, having profound impact on our members’ lives. The Treasurer position on the SOCRA Board will have an important and singular mission, to serve as the custodian of SOCRA’s financial assets and maintain its strong financial position, during these changing times. As Treasurer, I would strive to ensure SOCRA’s financial stability is maintained. I am honored to be nominated for Treasurer and to contribute my experience as both a SOCRA Board Director and Research Manager to fulfill the responsibilities of this role. As a Senior Research Manager at the Indiana University Center for Aging Research, I oversee and manage multiple grant awards and budgets, including a $30.3 million, 8 year grant from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services program. Because of these experiences, I have honed skills essential for the Treasurer role, including budget and fiscal management and thorough attention to financial details. Transparency and timely communication with SOCRA management will also be vital components I foresee in this role. In my more than 10 years as a member, SOCRA has been an invaluable source of education, networking, and excellence for me to grow as a research professional. I am excited for the opportunity to continue to serve SOCRA, the premier research professional organization, and for future generations of research professionals to benefit from SOCRA’s work, as I have. Thank you for your consideration.



Jeannie Y. Farnsworth, MS, BS, CCRP, MRQA

Senior Research Compliance Analyst

Human Research Protection Program, Banner Health Banner Research

Phoenix, AZ


Vision Statement

As a clinical researcher for over 20 years and a certified member of SOCRA for over 18 years, I have acquired an abundance of experience, knowledge, and best practices from colleagues all over the globe. My disciplines in Hematology/Oncology; Adult and Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism; Ophthalmology; Gastroenterology; and Neurology at public and private institutions, small and large, have given me a great appreciation for the scope and breadth of expertise across all phases of trials, 0-IV (yes, 0 when it was “go!” or “no-go!”). Whether academic, government, nonprofit or for-profit, the principles are similar in the operations. My firsthand involvement with investigator-initiated trials, co-operative, consortium, network and industry- sponsored trials have presented me opportunities to share my experiences through networking with others through local chapter meetings that I have run and presented, speaking occasions and teaching assignments.

As a member of the Board of Directors, I would contribute to the SOCRA mission by: 1- encouraging certification and recertification in clinical research, 2- inspiring colleagues to courageously educate others through networking and 3- identifying potential gaps in this industry in order to close them through education. Gaps may be the diversity and inclusion gap that is so needed in this industry across ethnicity and gender in the 21st century, or the technology gap where paper and electronics still continue to collide. I want to empower and enlighten professionals of all races to bring their best learned hard skills, along with their personal soft skills to the table and share with one another. It is then that science and research will bring out the best that medicine has to offer for all of mankind!



Aryn Knight, BS, CCRP

Administrative Director

Center for Clinical Research, Texas Heart Institute

Houston, Texas 

Vision Statement

Since 2007, SOCRA has provided me with vitally important career building educational opportunities which has greatly contributed to my professional career accomplishments.  For this reason, I am committed to being of service to my fellow clinical research colleagues in their respective achievements.  In my eight-year tenure as Chairperson of the Houston Galveston SOCRA Chapter, I have developed and implemented relevant career building and professional networking opportunities for our 500+ chapter members.  In addition, for the past three years as a member of the SOCRA Certification Committee, I have contributed to the content development of the certification exam for our professionals. 

As your SOCRA Board Member, I will diligently work to further our Society's mission by dedicating my time and talent to represent our members' needs and interests through the development of educational programming and networking experiences, as well as the expansion of our community relationships.   Thank you for your consideration!



Bridget D. Strong, MBA, CCRP

Director, Education & Quality Improvement

Office for Clinical Research, Emory University

Atlanta, GA

Vision Statement

I work in a dynamic field – clinical research. My day-to-day job not only affords me the opportunity to educate and build, but learn as well. The more experience and knowledge I gain in clinical research, the more I want to share. I truly believe sharing is caring. Becoming a board member will aid in my contribution to the field of clinical research by developing people, building careers, and creating opportunities.


We'd like to extend our congratulations to the incoming 2021-2022 SOCRA Board Members and Officers.

We thank all of the candidates for participating.

The Board of Director's election takes place annually in April. 

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