2023 Election Results


Laura R. Holtz, MS, PMP, CCRP

Clinical Research Associate
Yale School of Medicine, Yale Center for Clinical Investigations
New Haven, CT, USA



Vision statement

I am honored to be nominated for SOCRA President. In my more than 13 years as a member, SOCRA has been an invaluable source of education, networking, and a model of excellence to enable me to thrive and grow in my career.

As President, I will continue to foster SOCRA’s “members serving members” model to ensure the opportunities offered for learning are responsive to the changing needs of the membership. I will apply my experience as Treasurer and Director to ensure SOCRA’s financial stability is maintained. With a stable infrastructure, SOCRA can continue the very successful chapter program, organized by volunteers, to support SOCRA’s mission for professional connection and high-quality, diverse education opportunities for the wider research community.

During my tenure as a Clinical Research Site Manager and Clinical Research Associate, I have worked alongside many of you and have witnessed the exceptional work and professionalism of SOCRA members. In times of disruption, innovations were built from necessity, and we have changed practices to be efficient and more participant and safety focused. It would be a privilege to continue to serve SOCRA, the premier organization for research professionals, and contribute to the important work of fostering professional development for our membership.


Bridget D. Strong, PhDc, MBA, CCRP

Director, Clinical Research Education and Quality Improvement
Emory University
Office of Research Administration, Clinical Research
Atlanta, GA, USA


Vision Statement

My goal has always been to help others understand this field of clinical research. SOCRA has been an integral part of my growth to educate others, and I thank them for this nomination of Treasurer. If elected, I will continue to work with SOCRA and other organizations to bridge gaps in knowledge of clinical research, health disparities, and economic instabilities that affects us both personally and professionally. I will aid in operationalizing budgetary items to offer more opportunities that shines a light on how much this field means to science and our health.


Shirley LT Helm, MS, CCRP

Senior Administrator for Network Capacity and Workforce Strategies
C. Kenneth and Dianne Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, VA, USA 



Vision Statement

As a member of the Board of Directors over the past year, I have acquired an invaluable awareness and understanding of SOCRA operations, processes, and vision in supporting and promoting the clinical research profession through high quality education and training and a recognized, valued, and respected CCRP certification program. I have had the honor of working with and learning from fellow board members who are experts and leaders across the clinical research ecosystem. As the Central VA SOCRA chapter chair for over a decade, it has been extremely rewarding to experience the evolution and expansion of SOCRA’s offerings into the virtual space creating enhanced opportunities for networking and connection. My varied clinical research experiences including managing a clinical research laboratory, study management and cost determinations, participant testing, and establishing institutional clinical research SOPs, together with my passion for professional development provides me with a broad perspective to continue to contribute as a board member in advancing SOCRA’s mission to promote quality clinical research, protect the welfare of research participants, and improve global health in a rapidly evolving environment. SOCRA’s recognition and inclusion of all contributors to the clinical research field is a foundational value that aligns with my professional experiences and desire for continual growth and knowledge acquisition. I believe that in working together and learning from each other we can strengthen, expand, and advance our chosen profession.

Casey Jackson, MS, CCRP

Research Quality Manager
Office of Research and Scholarship
University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Nursing
Baltimore, MD, USA



Vision Statement

I am honored to be nominated for service to SOCRA’s Board of Directors. The opportunity to serve SOCRA members to a greater capacity and grow together comes with great excitement and reverence. My career goals align tightly with SOCRA’s mission to protect research volunteers, prioritize quality in research, and improve human health globally. I have over 20 years of experience in industry and academic research fields spanning from pre-clinical bench applications, social-behavioral research, treatment-based clinical research, human research protections, and regulatory compliance. Varietal experience as a research team member, QA manager, educator, and IRB member has given me a well-rounded perspective on the complex and often misunderstood cogs in the clinical research wheel.
As we emerge from the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, a unique opportunity to improve and enhance our respective fields through mentorship, leadership, awareness, innovation, and focused intention is upon us. It is my hope to be able to enhance the education and opportunities that our clinical research community benefits so much from through SOCRA. I look forward to the opportunity to give back and am committed to working together to support our Society and its standing in the clinical research industry. 

Rachel Kingsford, MS, CCRP

Senior Clinical Research Program Manager
Clinical Trials Office
Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah



Vision Statement 

I have been fortunate to grow into a career where I am able to focus on three of my passions: healthcare, helping others, and research. I started my career working in data management and then moved into clinical coordination. Working directly with clinical trial participants and seeing firsthand how meaningful the work we do is to them has helped me to discover another passion: providing clinical research education for clinical research professionals. Keeping our research participants safe, respecting their rights, and generating quality data can only be accomplished through adequate training and education. Throughout my tenure as the Training and Mentorship Manager at the Huntsman Cancer Institute Clinical Trials Office, I developed and administered a comprehensive training program for our department. I have been involved in the training of a few hundred clinical research professionals. My involvement in SOCRA has been invaluable along this journey. As the local chapter chair, I bring educational opportunities to research professionals across the state of Utah and beyond. I speak regularly at a 5-part seminar series where I review the GCP guidelines and the sections of the Code of Federal Regulations governing clinical research. I am an active participant in the oncology research community, including participating in the American Association of Cancer Institutes Clinical Research Innovation Education and Workforce Committee focused on supporting cancer centers in their own educational initiatives. I have been privileged to work with esteemed colleagues and other SOCRA members on several committees and would be honored to continue contributing to the organization as a member of the Board of Directors. I’m committed to SOCRA’s mission of providing education, certification, and networking opportunities for clinical research professionals. 

Annette McCoy Oeser, MLAS, BS, CCRP

Clinical Translational Research Coordinator III
Division of Clinical Pharmacology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nashville, TN, USA




Vision Statement

I became a Certified Clinical Research Professional (CCRP) through SOCRA in 2004, as I recognized the value that SoCRA offered to members in the rapidly changing world of clinical research. I joined the Education Committee of the Nashville Chapter in 2007 and currently serve as Co-Chair of the chapter. I have endeavored to create learning and networking opportunities, and to mentor local members, promote members’ professional development, and elevate under-represented voices in clinical research.

Through the years I have been privileged to share my knowledge and research at local chapter meetings and the Annual Conference as a speaker and poster presenter and have benefited from discussions held with members. My interest in clinical research ethics has led me to pursue a master’s degree in Bioethics. Clinical research requires the use of human participants, and we are tasked with fully protecting them while collecting the data needed to answer research questions to improve health worldwide. We must promote research integrity and develop ethical thinking in clinical researchers and staff. We must examine the past and learn from it. We must also look forward and prepare ourselves for what may come next.

Change is inevitable, and we must embrace it. My experience in research spans basic science, animal studies, clinical research, research administration, and bioethics. SOCRA has helped me expand my knowledge, develop leadership skills, and network locally, nationally, and internationally. Utilizing my experience, I hope to contribute to the forward thinking of the board—using the past to help inform the future and helping our membership to learn, adapt, and thrive in clinical research. Thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve the Society’s membership and to further SOCRA’s mission.


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