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Emergency Medicine Research Management

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2019 Agenda

Saturday, September 28, 1:40-2:25                                      

Managing Research in Emergency Medicine

An overview of the typical challenges faced in emergency medicine research will be provided, as well as examples of studies that have posed unique hurdles and how those hurdles were jumped (or fumbled) over. 725
Presenter: Natalie Bidad, BSN, RNCC, ENPC, MOAB, 
Asistant Director of EMRAP, University of Vermont Medical Center

Mr. Bussmann will present site level structures and strategies for managing and administering a scalable sustainable research enterprise. While this may be most relevant for those working at academic medical centers, the basic management tenets are adaptable to a variety of team based research settings.725

Presenter: Silas Bussmann, MPH, MBA, Lecturer III, Associate Director for Research Department of Emergency Medicine, University of New Mexico

Track: Emergency Medicine Research Management  

Saturday, September 28, 2:30-3:15                                          

Ways of Knowing

Dr. Blohm will present an introduction to clinical epistemology.  This presentation will cover the differences between belief, knowledge, and truth as it pertains to emergency medicine research. 727

Presenter: Eike Blohm, MD, Emergency Medicine Physician, The University of Vermont Medical Center

Track: Emergency Medicine Research Management