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Ethics in Research

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2018 Agenda

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Saturday, September 29, 3:45-4:30                                           

Ethical Considerations in the Genetic Testing of Human Research Subjects 

Understanding how genetic factors and the variability in the human genome impact an individual and community’s health has the potential to shape the future of health care and how we approach medicine. However, because genetic research identifies specific information about an individual, there are ethical issues that go beyond the potential population health benefit. Dr. Teeple will highlight some of the ethical issues related to genetic testing of human subjects including informed consent, data storing and sharing, privacy and confidentiality, and payment and commercialization. Attendees will gain an understanding of the current regulatory environment and potential future implications of genetic testing in human subject. 629

Presenter: Wrenda Teeple, PharmD,  Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Arbit Consulting, LLC 

Track: Ethics in Research

Saturday, September 29, 4:35 to 5:20                                          

Human Experimentation in the United States: Before, During and After the Beecher Article - Are We Learning From Our Mistakes? 

In June of 1966, Dr. Henry Beecher, an anesthesiologist at Harvard Medical School, published the landmark article entitled "Ethics and Clinical Research" in the New England Journal of Medicine.  The article highlighted 22 examples of unethical human experimentation and led to the development of the early iterations of federal regulations currently used to govern human subjects research. Although, these regulations were clear in describing expectations for research, it is less clear how the regulations have actually affected the conduct of human subjects research.  Dr. Byrdsong will chronicle the history of human subjects research in the United States and inspect the current state of human subjects research over 50 years after the Beecher article. 631

Presenter: Quincy Byrdsong, EdD, CCRP, CIP, Executive Director for Research Administration, WellStar Research Institute 

Track: Ethics in Research