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Ethics in Research

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2019 Agenda

Friday, September 27, 1:15-2:00                                            

Vulnerable Subjects: Challenges of Conducting Research Under 
Difficult Circumstances

Vulnerable Subjects: Challenges of Conducting Research Under Difficult Circumstances 

Researchers are often faced with a number of difficult situations during the course of conducting human research. Often, the solutions are also not easy or apparent. There are many circumstances where participants are vulnerable to coercion, dependent, and may have decreased autonomy due to developmental disabilities and cognitive impairments, that may violate their freedom to choose and, hence, cannot exercise the right to refuse to participate in research. 209

Presenter: Muhammad Waseem, MD, MS, CCRP, CIP, CHSE-A, Research Director/Professor Emergency Medicine, Lincoln Medical Center

Track: Ethics in Research


Friday, September 27, 2:05-2:50                                          

Words Matter - Dehuminization in the Past…and Today?

Words matter. Historically, words have been used to dehumanize, allowing “researchers” to study “objects” or “animals” instead of humans, which contributed to the atrocities of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Ms. Oeser will review words currently used to describe people who participate in research--are they dehumanizing too? 211

Presenter: Annette Oeser, BS, MLAS, CCRP, Clinical/Translational Research Coordinator III, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Track: Ethics in Research


Friday, September 27, 3:25-4:10                                           

The Reason Why Emerging Countries are Attractive Places for Clinical Research

Clinical research has become more global in the past few years, therefore the number of conducted clinical trials has increased worldwide, especially in emerging countries. This presentation will discuss reasons for the increasing number of trials in African countries. 213

Presenter: Vanessa Struever, MSc, Research Assistant, University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Track: Ethics in Research

Friday, September 27, 4:15-5:00                                          

Ethics of Placebo Use in Randomized Controlled Trials

An ethical schism amongst placebo use in clinical trials remains, despite the latest revision of the Declaration of Helsinki, to include a systemic approach towards the design of placebo-controlled trials. Disparity in the interpretation of the current international guidelines led to conflicting arguments for and against placebo use in the presence of existing standard treatment. This presentation shall evaluate these differing notions objectively and provide a better understanding of the underlying justifications for the ethical framework supporting placebo use in randomized controlled trials. Alternative study designs which allow comparison of the novel therapy with placebo and active treatment while mitigating existing risks will also be examined. An overview focused on the Declaration of Helsinki revisions shall throw light on the historical perspective of the ethics of placebo use in clinical trials. 215

Presenter: Xinmei Shi, MSc, CCRP, CCRA, Research Manager, National University Cancer Institute, Singapore

Track: Ethics in Research