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2018 Agenda

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Saturday, September 29, 1:40 to 2:25         

Establishing a High Quality Human Research Protection Program (HRPP): the AAHRPP Model

At the turn of the 21st century, it became apparent that the most effective way to help ensure research participant safety and welfare was through an overarching human research protection program (HRPP) dedicated to that mission. AAHRPP accreditation provides an excellent model for achieving a robust HRPP. AAHRPP, Inc., founded by PRIM&R and six other research-focused organizations in 2001, is an international nonprofit organization that accredits high quality human subject protection programs. It provides peer-based, collaborative, collegial, and educational evaluations of HRPPs, based on applicable standards and elements. During this session, faculty and attendees will review the elements of a robust HRPP, review the process of achieving or maintaining AAHRPP accreditation, discuss AAHRPP’s approach to cutting edge issues in the human research enterprise, and become familiar with AAHRPP staff and web resources available to all wishing to maintain or achieve a overarching system of human research protections. 625

Michelle Feige, MSW, LCSW-C, Executive Vice President, AAHRPP 
Elyse Summers, JD, President and CEO, AAHRPP

Track: IRB Issues - Solutions - Methods

Saturday, September 29, 2:30 to 3:15 

Centralized IRB Review of Multi-Site Clinical Research: Do you have Single/Central IRB questions? Ask the panel of experts  

The moderator will provide a brief overview of centralized IRB review of multisite clinical research. Each panelist will highlight their experience with IRB's of record. The moderator will entertain questions from the audience. 627

Moderator: Wendy Lloyd, BA, LPN, CCRP, Translational Research Navigator, Vanderbilt University Medical Center 

Michelle Culp, BSN, MPH, CCRP, Vice President for Research, People-Centered Research Foundation 
Rebecca Abel, MA, CIP, Regulatory Manager, Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center 
Debra Cunningham, ASN, RN, CCRP, RN, Research Nurse, Dayton Children's Hospital 
Megan Singleton, JD, MBE, CIP, Assistant Dean, Human Research Protections, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 
Jenni Beadles, MEd, CIP, Single IRB Operations Manager, Vandebilt University Medical Center, Human Research Protections Program
Michelle Feige, MSW, LCSW-C, Executive Vice President, AAHRPP 

Track: IRB Issues - Solutions - Methods