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SOCRA’s Summer Programming: Top Virtual Courses and Cost-Free Ways to Earn CE 

As an educational non-profit, SOCRA understands the importance of providing low cost and accessible education while maintaining high-quality educational standards. We are committed to providing valuable learning opportunities without a high sticker price. Our in-person live programs offer the high quality interactive programming with the all the befits to being in person. If that’s not possible for you, we now offer many of our in-person conferences virtually, which not only reduces expenses but also increases accessibility for clinical research professionals worldwide.

Live Virtual Conferences: Learning from Anywhere 

Virtual courses are available for a fee to cater to members who do not have a travel budget or are unable to go in person to workshops and conferences. Our virtual conferences deliver live, interactive content with engaged faculty over several half days to fit your schedule. Join us for dynamic sessions, real-time discussions, and valuable networking opportunities, all from the comfort of your home or office. 

Upcoming Virtual Events 

We have several exciting virtual events lined up: 

  • FDA Clinical Trial Requirements, Regulations, Compliance and GCP Virtual Conference (June 18 to 20): Priced at just $175 for members (and further discounted for federal government and FDA employees) this conference is intended to share information among FDA representatives and the research community to facilitate the understanding of regulations, guidelines and practices, and to suggest methods and opportunities to enhance the research professional’s product development experience. Learn More
  • Quality Management Virtual Conference (June 26 to 28): This conference, priced at $415 for members, will cover essential aspects of quality management in clinical research. Attendees will gain valuable insights and practical tools to enhance their quality management practices. Learn More
  • Site Coordinator Virtual Workshop (July 8 to 10): At $425 for members, this workshop is tailored for site coordinators looking to improve their skills and knowledge. The workshop will provide comprehensive training on managing clinical trial sites effectively. Learn More

No-Cost Ways to Earn Continuing Education (CE) 

In addition to our affordable courses, we offer several no-cost options for earning continuing education credits (CEUs). 

SOCRA Online Courses  

SOCRA also offers on-demand online courses free to members for affordable, convenient access to quality education. Check out the offerings on the SOCRA website here

SOCRA Source Self Studies 

The SOCRA Source Journal, our quarterly publication, features scientific and technical articles for clinical research professionals. Each issue includes a Self-Study article, offering 1 CE. Certified members can utilize these articles to fulfill their CE requirements from issues published during their current certification period. To access your Self Study Tests, log into your member portal with your email and SOCRA Member ID and click on “SOCRA Self Studies” on the left-hand side, to view the available self-studies. Members can claim 12 CEUs over their three-year certification period from completing self-study articles. 

SOCRA CITI Training 

We have partnered with The Collaborative Institutional Training Program (CITI) to provide members with free entry-level courses in Human Subjects Research, Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS), and Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR). These courses are designed to equip members with fundamental knowledge and skills required in clinical research. Learn more here. 

SOCRA YouTube Presentations 

Our YouTube channel offers several presentations that can be used for CE credits. To earn CE, members must write a summary (minimum 250 words) of the material studied for each audio and video recording claimed. 

Start Learning

For a complete list of acceptable forms of CE and to learn more about our educational offerings, please visit our website. We are dedicated to supporting the professional development of clinical research professionals through accessible and affordable education. 

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  1. I checked the YouTube site and noticed there was not much current material. I also did not see an option for listening to clinical research related podcasts. Would this be something that could be considered in the future? I would suggest the same 250 word requirement to summarize any podcasts that are listened to.

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