Job Details

Title: Clinical Research Nurse 1
Company: Yale Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office
Location: New Haven, CT

Position Focus:

The YCC Clinical Research Nurse is responsible for ensuring excellence in the execution of clinical trials conducted by the Yale Cancer Center (YCC). This position is also responsible for the design, plan, delivery and evaluation of clinical trial related implementation and training activities.

Essential Duties

1. Identifies, assesses eligibility, enrolls, and collects accurate medical and demographic history on research subjects for a variety of studies; obtains and explains written consent for subject participation. 2. Provides direct clinical services to subjects; observes subjects and notifies clinicians to any medical/emotional change. 3. Contributes to protocol development, submission, and renewal by collecting written materials and writing procedural documents; ensures ongoing compliance with institutional review board (IRB) policies by monitoring changes in IRB policies related to human specimens and informing the research team of such changes. 4. Conducts patient and research subject evaluations; administers medications and research instruments and presents data. 5. Reviews, codes and contributes in the entering of all collected patient data to assure completeness and accuracy. 6. Ensures regulatory compliance by maintaining clinical and nursing records to meet the needs of various protocols. 7. Maintains the integrity of the clinical research study by striving to advocate for patients. 8. May perform other duties as assigned.

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SOCRA Exp: 5/1/2023