Job Details

Title: Staff Research Associate 1
Company: UC Davis Medical Center
Location: Davis, CA

Staff Research Associate 1
Salary Range: $24.16 - $28.82 Hourly

This position is for an NIH, foundation, and/or university-funded SRA I. Research in the Ala Moshiri, M.D., Ph.D. Laboratory, investigates the genetic basis of mammalian eye development, including biochemical signaling. Our projects explore hereditary gene mutations responsible for retinal disease, with emphasis on specific retinoid (vitamin A) transport proteins.

The SRA in this position will provide standard technical support and perform experiments under close supervision that involve: bacterial and molecular genetics, recombinant protein expression and purification in E. Coli, protein analysis by PAGE and Western blotting, mouse colony maintenance, tissue culture, DNA transfection, and biochemical analysis. The SRA will also be responsible for repairing and maintaining laboratory equipment and infrastructure and stocking certain supplies. These and other highly specialized research techniques are required for our projects.

Required Qualifications
• Demonstrated skill and experience with molecular biology.
• Experience with molecular cloning.
• Experience with lab chemicals, reagents, and instrumentation.
• Familiarity with protein analytical methods.

The University of California, Davis is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer

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SOCRA Exp: 8/22/2022