Renewal of Certification

Certification of Clinical Research Professionals by SOCRA is based on a continuing process of professional experience and education. The CCRP Recertification Program is dedicated to providing recognition and validation of the professional growth of the individual “CCRP®” to the healthcare community. The goal is to assure the safety of human research participants and improve the health of people around the world.

An overview of information regarding CCRP maintenance, continuing education requirements, and recertification can be downloaded here.

Certification Maintenance

During the 3-year certification period, certificants must follow the requirements for maintenance of certification.  The Maintenance of Certification section of the website outlines the:

Recertification / Certification Renewal

In order to maintain active certification status, the CCRP® must apply for renewal of certification to the Certification Committee every three years. 

The requirements for recertification include:

  • Current Certification - A certificant wishing to recertify must have a current certification. 
  • Application for Recertification - A certificant wishing to recertify must complete the application for recertification, CE log, and Continuing Competence Learning Module. These documents, along with the recertification processing fee (currently $350 USD for three years), must be submitted to the SOCRA administrative office prior to the certification expiration date. 
    More details may be found on under the
    Applying for Recertification section of the website.

In order to reinstate, the applicant must have 45 CE in their certification time frame with 22 of the 45 CE being regulatory/GCP.

If your CCRP has lapsed you have two options to reinstate your CCRP recertification.

1. You may retest - please contact requesting this option.

2. You may apply for reinstatement by completing the reinstatement application and submitting a $50 processing fee.
You will be sent the re-certification application and online education module, ‘Regulatory Updates for Clinical Research Professionals’, when our office has received the reinstatement form.

The reinstatement processing fee for the recertification will be an additional $350 (for three years certification) paid in full, or maybe broken into a three year payment plan.