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2019 Clinical Trials Day Nominees


Catherine R. Brown, CCRP
Director, Training & Development
Massey Cancer Center
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, VA

Nominated by Shirley L.T. Helm, MS, CCRP

Catherine R. Brown, CCRP, was nominated for her expertise, leadership, and commitment to the development and enhancement of training programs for clinical research professionals which she demonstrates every day. Catherine goes beyond developing resources for the CRP by seeking out technologies and resources to enhance trainings and support for more meaningful educational opportunities. As stated by Shirley Helmm MS, CCRP who nominated her, “Catherine is highly engaged and demonstrates a strong commitment to education, training, and the development of all persons within the clinical research arena. Catherine certainly deserves to receive SOCRA recognition for her efforts on behalf of all clinical research professionals.”
Cynthia Chrostek, CCRP
Clinical Research Program Coordinator
Rhode Island Hospital
Providence, RI

Nominated by Orianna Duncan, M.A.

Cynthia Chrostek, CCRP, manages numerous clinical trials in the area of orthopedic research, one of which forges a path for ACL healing, rather than replacement. As stated by, Orianna Duncan, MA, who nominated Cyndi, “She takes part in groundbreaking research, and has been coordinating several challenging trials flawlessly. She is kind and considerate with patients, and a phenomenally organized coordinator. Our group is very lucky to have her.” In additional to her challenging job, she also recently became CCRP certified.
Shirley L.T. Helm, MS, CCRP
Manager of Clinical Research Administration
C. Kenneth and Dianne Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, VA

Nominated by Elizabeth Collins, CCRP, and Patricia Felt, CCRP 

Shirley Helm, MS, CCRP, certainly deserves to be recognized for Clinical Trials Day. She has nominated several colleagues and now two of them have nominated her! Shirley Helm brings more than 20 years of clinical research experience to her role as Manager of Clinical Research Administration at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is also co-founder of the Central Virginia SOCRA Chapter, participates in a variety of SOCRA events and is signed on to be a 2019 Annual Conference speaker. She is tirelessly devoted to clinical workforce development, not only in her home institution but for facilitating statewide collaboration. As stated by Patti Feldt, CCRP who nominated her, “Working with Shirley as a co-chairperson keeps my own enthusiasm and commitments high. She is quite the inspiration to me and all other SOCRA members as well!”

Lev Inger, MPH, CCRP
Research Coordinator II
Regenstrief Institute
Indianapolis, IN

Nominated by Shelley Suarez, MSN, RN, CNOR

Lev Inger, MPH, CCRP, has been a Research Coordinator for over six years and has been instrumental in starting or helping create the foundations for over six NIH funded studies. He is a SOCRA member, recently CCRP certified, and has expertise in REDCap, IRB principles and the development of SOPS. As stated by Shelley Suaraz, MSN, RN, CNOR, who nominated Lev, “We are very blessed to have someone on our team who is not only knowledgeable; he is kind and patient in teaching the new coordinator the principles of ethical research, the value of clean data and the importance of impeccable record keeping.” Lev is moving to a new city so his team will miss his expertise and valuable contributions, but wish him all the best as he begins a new chapter!

John Kirk, MBA, CCRP
Lead Clinical Research Coordinator
University of Utah Health Sciences Center
Salt Lake City, UT

Nominated by Debbie Pitt, CCRP

John Kirk, MBA, CCRP was nominated by Debbie Pitt, CCRP for his significant contributions to cardiovascular research. During his career, John has worked with left ventricular assist devices (LVADs). As stated by Debbie, “Through the years, he has helped participate in the research with many versions and improvements of these lifesaving devices. In addition to his contributions to cardiovascular research, he has been an exemplary employee who is incredibly organized, efficient, has a strong work ethic and is dedicated and compassionate to his patients. Many sponsors have commented that he is the best Clinical Research Coordinator they have ever worked with. His involvement in research has greatly enhanced the advancement of cardiovascular medicine and has set a high bar in our department for excellence."

Erin O’Kelly Phillips, MPH, CCRP
Research Manager
Regenstrief Institute
Indianapolis, IN

Nominated by Laura Holtz, MS, CCRP, Bridget Fultz, MA, and Shannon Effler, MSW

Erin O’Kelly Phillips, MPH, CCRP, was nominated by three of her colleagues thanks to her passion for public health, dedication to data quality, positive attitude, and will to help others. Erin has been a Research Manager at the Indiana University Center for Aging Research for the past 4 years, and a clinical research coordinator at Indiana University for 8 years prior. She serves as the research manager for the Data and Analytics Core for a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services demonstration project, OPTIMISTIC, which aims to reduce avoidable hospitalizations for long stay nursing home residents. As stated by Shannon Effler, MSW, one of her colleagues that nominated Erin, “She translates her passion into her high standards of research project structure and data management. The research world is lucky to have Erin!”

Lyndsi Moser, CCRP
Clinical Research Coordinator
Indiana University School of Medicine
Indianapolis, IN

Nominated by Laura Holtz, MS, CCRP and Lori Rawlings, BSN,RN,CCRC

Lyndsi Moser, CCRP was nominated by Laura Holtz, MS, CCRP for her outstanding work in research and contributions to SOCRA. Lyndsi has been a Clinical Research Coordinator for more than 15 years where she is responsible for the coordination and management of 3 federally funded R01 grants as well as clinical testing responsibilities at the IU Health Neuroscience Center. She is also extremely active in the local Indianapolis SOCRA chapter as the co-chair. Laura stated that she has been grateful for Lyndsi’s mentorship and friendship throughout the past decade - “Her attention to the bigger picture to problem solve situations her team experiences demonstrates her knowledge of the profession. She has tools and process documents to ensure her studies are very high functioning and effective and she shares her tools and knowledge to help others.” Another colleague Lori Rawlings agreed - “Lyndsi is a wonderful team member. She brings a positive attitude and professionalism to every encounter. She is respected by the investigators and her team members for her knowledge of study specifics and the research process.”
Letty Vasquez-Caldera, CCRP
Clinical Research Coordinator – Data
City of Hope
Duarte, CA

Nominated by Carina Benson, MD

Letty Vasquez-Caldera has been a clinical research coordinator for 27 years beginning her career at the University of Southern California (USC) and now at City of Hope. She was nominated for her commitment to her current work overseeing large amounts of data on a phase 1 clinical trial, as well as being an excellent team member, coworker, and supervisor, over her entire career. As stated by Carina Benson, MD, in her nomination, "For the number of years she has worked as a certified clinical research professional, I sincerely believe she has contributed considerably to the advancement of science through USC and City of Hope.”




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    Certificate of Recognition







proudly presented to

Shirley L.T. Helm, MS, CCRP


on Clinical Trials Day, May 20, 2019



In honor of Clinical Trials Day, SOCRA recognizes SOCRA Members for their outstanding work in clinical research and their contributions to public health, medical advancement and improved health outcomes.


Shirley L.T. Helm, MS, CCRP, was nominated by Elizabeth Collins, CCRP, and Patricia Felt, CCRP, for numerous reasons – her recognition and inspiration of others, more than 20 years of clinical research experience, participation and dedication to SOCRA, and devotion to clinical workfoce development. 



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