Clinical Trials Day 2023

Celebrate Clinical Trials Day this year, on May 20, 2023, by raising clinical trial awareness and honoring clinical research professionals across the globe. 

SOCRA is a charitable educational non-profit organization comprised of members who are shaping our profession and impacting clinical research with quality and excellence. You are the people who have dedicated your careers to improving public health for the world population, and you have been working in high gear during the physical and emotional toll of the COVID pandemic. As medical professionals, you have been treating patients, saving lives, making discoveries, carrying on research activities, and doing so under the most difficult circumstances.

 In 2005, International Clinical Trials Day was launched to commemorate the day when James Lind started the clinical trial on May 20, 1747. This clinical trial laid the foundation for modern clinical research.  In honor of this day, we are recognizing SOCRA Members’ contributions to public health, medical advancement and improved health outcomes. 

Join us - May 20, 2023

Here are a few ways to get involved:

  • Complete the form below to nominate a SOCRA Member to be recognized for their outstanding work and contributions to clinical research! We will feature several submissions leading up to Clinical Trials Day and choose several members to be featured in the next issue of the SOCRA Source, our quarterly journal!  
  • Download and share promotional materials (coming soon!)
  • Share a social media post using the hashtag #CTD2023Remember to follow us on FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn. 

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