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Responsible Conduct of Research

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2018 Agenda

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Friday, September 28, 1:15 to 2:00

Lessons from the National Patient Safety Movement that are Applicable to Clinical Research 

Dr. Kessler will review the strategies that have made clinical care safer and examine how clinical research has adopted these strategies. 709

Presenter: John Kessler, BS Pharm, PharmD, Chief Clinical Officer, SecondStory Health, LLC

Track: Responsible Conduct of Research 

Friday, September 28, 2:05 to 2:50

Lessons Learned from Research Misconduct Cases 

This presentation will use case studies and lessons learned to discuss research integrity and the consequences of a scientific enterprise that rely solely on a “self-correcting” model of peer review and independent validation of results. An updated model of actively promoting research integrity and encouraging the safe reporting of problems will be presented that is based on tools and strategies adopted from patient safety movement and a “just culture.” Approaches will be discussed for moving beyond a “reactive” mode of responding to questionable research practices and more serious issues of research misconduct to a “proactive” setting where all components of the research enterprise are involved in, responsible for, and accountable to a community standard of integrity. A focus on remediation not only of individuals but also of factors in the institutional setting where questionable practice or misconduct may have been facilitated or gone undetected will be discussed. 711

Presenter: Donna Kessler, PhD, Research Integrity Officer, Duke University 

Track: Responsible Conduct of Research

Friday, September 28, 3:25-4:10

Research Misconduct in Clinical Trials

Ms. Parrish will discuss US administrative and institutional actions when research misconduct is alleged, journal activism when allegations are made, and best practices for managing corrections and retractions will be reviewed. 713

Presenter: Debra Parrish, JD, Partner, Parrish Law Offices  

Track: Responsible Conduct of Research 

Friday, September 28, 4:15-5:00

Understanding Research Wrongdoing: Lessons from the PI Program and PSI Lab   

This presentation will explore factors that increase the risk of research integrity violations or serious noncompliance. It will draw upon data from the first 60 participants in the PI Program, which serves investigators following professional lapses. It will also draw from recent studies in the Professional and Social Issues (PSI) Lab at Washington University, involving more than 950 NIH-funded researchers. These studies have examined professional decision-making in research and its relationship to culture, values, RCR education, and personality traits such as cynicism, narcissism, and moral disengagement. Finally, Dr. DuBois will examine a series of lab management practices associated with research exemplars—practices that may help protect against research integrity violations. 715

Presenter:  James DuBois, DSc, PhD, Director, PI Program & Center for Clinical Research Ethics, Washington University School of Medicine

Track: Responsible Conduct of Research