SOCRA Membership Overview

SOCRA membership is available to all clinical research professionals who work with cooperative research groups, academic, government, and private institutions, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, device manufacturers, CROs, SMOs, independent research and development organizations, and those who are involved in the management of clinical trials.

The Society of Clinical Research Associates promotes excellence in the field of clinical research.

If you work with clinical trials supporting the research institution or manufacturer of a new drug, product, or treatment regimen, then you are a clinical research professional. Whether called an investigator, monitor, auditor, data manager, clinical coordinator, research nurse, or research professional - you are an integral part of the research team.

SOCRA's members work in ALL fields of research.

A common bond exists among those involved in all areas of the clinical research professional's responsibilities, such as; handling informed consents, institutional review boards, medical ethics, and regulatory issues. With changes occurring daily in the health-care field, we must all stay abreast of the latest developments and practices which affect us. SOCRA membership provides opportunities for education, networking, and career growth.

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