SOCRA Ethics Statement

As a Clinical Research Professional, I recognize and affirm my responsibility to abide by the following basic ethical principles inherent in clinical research:

  1.  I will respect the human dignity of research participants with regard to self-determination and full disclosure of information throughout the research process.
  2. I believe that research participants should be free from harm and exploitation in accordance with the risks and benefits of the research project.
  3. I believe that research participants should have the right to receive fair and confidential treatment during the selection process and throughout the research project.
  4. Additionally, I will be accountable for adhering to the standards for scientific integrity recognized around the world. This mandates honest and truthful behavior on behalf of myself and by others with whom I deal while engaged in clinical research. I recognize my right and responsibility as a clinical research professional to question suspected falsified data, and if necessary, proceed with appropriate reporting procedures as mandated by the appropriate regulatory agencies.

Note: The ethical principles above are based upon the Office for Human Research Protection (OHRP) Belmont Report.