Professional Development Support

Letters for SOCRA Membership, Certification, and Conferences 

Unlocking the value of SOCRA membership, certification, and conference attendance presents an opportunity—one that often requires effective communication to secure approval. Bridging your organization's goals with the educational resources, professional growth, and networking opportunities available through SOCRA can make a compelling case. Articulate the direct benefits your organization stands to gain by investing in your development. Highlight how this investment aligns with your professional growth, ultimately justifying the time away from work, travel expenses, and associated fees.

Conference Attendance Support Letter:

Seeking approval from your organization to attend a SOCRA conference?  SOCRA has crafted a support letter template to assist you in making your case. Download and customize the letter to include specific details about the conference, as well as benefits to you and your organization.

Download the Conference Attendance Support Letter Template

Membership Support Letter:

Seeking support from your organization to cover SOCRA membership fees? SOCRA understands the importance of membership with a professional organization, and we've created a letter template to help you make your request. Download and personalize the letter with the necessary information.

Download the SOCRA Membership Support Letter Template

CCRP Certification Support Letter:

Requesting assistance from your organization to cover SOCRA certification fees? SOCRA recognizes the significance of ongoing professional development, and to aid you in making this request, we have crafted a letter template. Feel free to download the template and personalize it with the relevant details.

Download the SOCRA CCRP Certification Support Letter Template