Mission and Introduction

The Society of Clinical Research Associates (SOCRA) is a non-profit, charitable and educational membership organization committed to providing education, certification, and networking opportunities to all persons involved in clinical research activities. SOCRA, the premier educational organization for oncology site coordinators, has now emerged as a leading educational organization for clinical researchers in all therapeutic areas, supporting industry, government and academia.

Since incorporation in 1991, SOCRA has been through many changes, all of which were important contributors to our growth. The path that brought us to this level started with an exploration into available educational opportunities for site based clinical coordinators. The lack thereof and the thirst for information resulted in an organization founded by creative and forward thinking leaders. Today, the organization has realized membership growth and program expansion exceeding its expectations.

The most important factors in our success over the past years have been our membership support, our educational programming and our certification program. Innovation and investment of skill and knowledge have resulted in an exceptional organization with expertise and understanding in providing educational programming and member services.  The quality of our programs and educators is unparalleled.

Our educational programming has been wonderfully successful as has our certification program and our noteworthy Annual Conference. We are committed to devoting a tremendous effort to developing and providing new and innovative approaches to learning. We intend to explore new educational opportunities and to maximize those opportunities for future success.



In order to promote quality clinical research, to protect the welfare of research participants, and improve global health, SOCRA's mission is:

  • To establish educational programming and provide continuing education for clinical research professionals
  • To establish an internationally recognized certification program for clinical research professionals (CCRP®)
  • To foster the professional development and peer recognition of clinical research professionals


That all clinical research fully protects every research participant and is accomplished with excellence, quality, and professionalism.