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Submit a Blog Post - Permission to Publish 

Thank you for your interest in submitting to the SOCRA Blog!  Submissions should be related to a relevant and timely topic in clinical research.  To be considered for publication, SOCRA looks for high-quality and valuable information that will support our membership and the broader clinical research community.  

Submission Details: 

1. Submissions should be less than 2,000 words 

2. Submissions containing errors in grammar or spelling will be returned to the author for additional editing. 

3. Submissions promoting software, services, or other products will be considered advertising and will not be published.

4. Articles should be submitted in Microsoft WORD, no special formatting, all tables following the article in sequence, no lines or special margins, and any pictures should be submitted separately.

5. References should be incorporated by way of endnotes and in a uniform format. 

6. The submission must be the original and unpublished work of the contributor.

7. We will notify the author of the editorial process and decision to publish / reject the submission in a timely manner. Any publication is subject to timely changes being made according to the comments and suggestions of the editorial board.

By submitting this form, I certify that my submitted or transcribed blog submission is an original work and has no prior ownership or copyright restrictions. I certify that the submission is not previously copyrighted. I give SOCRA authority to reproduce and publish my submission. If any other individual or organization asks for or receives copyright privileges for this work, I will promptly notify SOCRA. I shall hold SOCRA harmless from any breach of this warranty.