Clinical Trials Day

Celebrate Clinical Trials Day this year, on May 20, 2024, by raising clinical trial awareness and honoring clinical research professionals across the globe. 

SOCRA is a charitable educational non-profit organization comprised of members who are shaping our profession and impacting clinical research with quality and excellence. You are the people who have dedicated your careers to improving public health for the world population. As medical professionals, you have been carrying on research activities, treating patients, saving lives, and making discoveries.  Each year on May 20th we take a few moments to honor your invaluable contributions to advancing the field! 

 In 2005, International Clinical Trials Day was launched to commemorate the day when James Lind started the first clinical trial on May 20, 1747. This clinical trial laid the foundation for modern clinical research.  In honor of this day, we are recognizing SOCRA Members’ contributions to public health, medical advancement and improved health outcomes. 

Celebrating Clinical Trials Day and Honoring SOCRA Chapter Volunteers 

As Clinical Trials Day approaches, we are excited to celebrate the invaluable contributions of our dedicated volunteers who play a vital role in advancing clinical research and fostering community connections within our SOCRA chapters.  Take a look at the prompts below and email us at 

Chapter Success Stories

Share anecdotes, achievements, and success stories from your chapter. Whether it's a memorable event, a successful collaboration, or a meaningful initiative, we want to hear about the positive impact your chapter is making in your community.

Tips and Advice

Share your best tips, strategies, and lessons learned for starting or running a SOCRA chapter. Whether it's recruiting volunteers, organizing events, or engaging with members, your insights can help support and inspire other chapters.

 Your "Why”

Reflect on your personal motivations for volunteering with SOCRA chapters. What inspired you to get involved, and what keeps you committed to supporting our mission? Share your story through written testimonials or videos.

Volunteer Spotlight:

If you're comfortable, we'd love to feature you in our Volunteer Spotlight series. This is an opportunity to share your journey, experiences, and the impact volunteering with SOCRA has had on your professional and personal growth. Nominate yourself or another member of your chapter leadership. Complete the nomination form here.  

Other Ways to Join the Celebration 

Here are a few other ways to get involved:

Spread Awareness 
Thank those around you 
  • Express verbal appreciation
  • Send postcards or handwritten notes
  • Request SOCRA swag to pass out to your staff
  • Host a small gathering

However small or large, the sheer act of recognizing your colleague’s contributions can help lift our clinical research community to deserving new heights.