Liz Ness, MS, BSN, RN, CRN-BC

Liz Ness, MS, BSN, RN, CRN-BC

Director, Office of Education and Compliance

Office of Education and Compliance (OEC)

National Cancer Institute (NCI)

 Hyattsville, MD


 Nominated by Lisa King, LVN, CCRP, Clinical Trials Specialist, Office of Education and Compliance - 

"Liz Ness demonstrates exceptional records management, organization, and time management skills to prepare investigator and research staff to maintain, archive and/or destroy eligible records and transition from paper to electronic record keeping. Liz has gone above and beyond normal requirements to coordinate the process for the investigator and research staff creating and managing spreadsheets to capture pertinent records data per requirements and monitor timelines to stay on target to support the NCI, NIH mission per the M-19-21 OMB memorandum. Liz consistently and effectively educated staff, adjusted, and revamped records management procedures and demonstrated an ability to conceptualize new concepts and implement them. Liz answered staff questions, met in person to review records and guide staff throughout the process. Liz also worked in concert with the OMPC, engaging in meetings and consulting with them to help facilitate ways to improve the records transition process for investigator and research staff."