Olukayode David Garuba, MS

Olukayode David Garuba, MS
Lead, Clinical Research  
Baylor College of Medicine 
Houston, TX 

Nominated by Dr. Angeline D. Opina Gonzalez, Dr. Justin Zachariah, Dr. Betul Yilmaz Fortun, Dr. Sarah A. Sami, Dr. Stanley Oseghale and Sandra Pena

David was nominated for Clinical Trials Day because he is an outstanding leader and invaluable component in the Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital Pediatric Cardiology Research Core.  As stated by his nominators, “David is a, if not the, key cog in that research enterprise. David’s clear skill sets include organization, thoughtfulness, clear communication, curiosity, personability, institutional memory in research processes, and an enthusiasm that is positively infectious. David is quite capable of discerning when flexibility is required with research processes, and with research personnel, but is also well aware of those core principles that cannot be compromised.”  David has continued to grow in his role starting as a research assistant into a well-deserved leadership position.  He now trains new research hires and coordinates research projects from multiple studies in a range of specialties across the center.