Franca Ofudu, CCRP

Franca Ofudu, CCRP

Senior Clinical Research Associate

Research Resources Office, Department of Pediatrics

Texas Children's Hospital/Baylor College of Medicine

 Houston, Texas


"Franca is a senior clinical research associate within the Research Resources Office at Texas Children's Hospital, which serves to support research across the large Department of Pediatrics of Baylor College of Medicine. Franca is an incredibly meticulous and passionate clinical researcher. She is consistently attentive to detail and very thorough in all of her data collection. She is very knowledgeable and quick to offer support to her peers. She has a very rich understanding of the world of research and the medical field. Franca's colleagues state that it is always great to collaborate with Franca because there is always something new to be learned from her. Franca's coordination of clinical trials has led to market approval of several important investigational products for the pediatric population. She has excellent bedside manner and is extremely attentive to research compliance and patient safety. Franca is approachable and is always eager to assist her peers. She is an idyllic clinical research professional that consistently embraces sound clinical research practices." -- Sowdhamini Wallace, DO, MS