Laura Holtz, MS, PMP, CCRP


Laura Holtz, MS, PMP, CCRP

Clinical Research Leader, Project Manager

Indiana University School of Medicine

Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics

Indianapolis, IN


Laura Holtz was nominated by former colleague Nina M. Johnson who worked with Laura at Indiana University Center for Aging Research before Laura recently transitioned to a new role within the Indiana University Medical School. Nina explained how Laura collaborated in developing a system to prevent study enrollment overlap for their department which coordinates several studies at a time as well as being the go to person for templates and advice on IRB regulations. As stated by Nina, “Laura promotes the clinical research field by providing extraordinary support not only for her own teams, but for members of other teams in our research center and beyond.” Laura recently sat down with SOCRA for an interview to discuss what Clinical Trials Day means to her. Read this SOCRA Blog here