2024 Clinical Trials Day Nominees

This Clinical Trials Day, we celebrate the invaluable contributions of our dedicated volunteers who play a vital role in advancing clinical research and fostering community connections within our SOCRA chapters.  

The purpose of the SOCRA chapter program is to provide a cost free forum under which members can learn, exchange information, grow professionally, and build strong foundations for successful clinical research outcomes.  

SOCRA has over 40 active chapters, reaching over 11,000 learners each year.  As we commemorate Clinical Trials Day, it's important to recognize that this celebration extends far beyond individual accolades. Clinical Trials Day is a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines our field. It is a day to acknowledge the collective efforts of every member of our community. Those members listed below, nominated by their peers, are just a few of our volunteers doing amazing work. 

Katrina A. Croghan, M.S., CCRP, Quality Management Coordinator- Research, Assistant Professor of Health Care Administration, Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center, Cancer Clinical Trials Office

SOCRA Southeast Minnesota Chapter, Co-Chair

Danielle Handy, BS, CCRP, Clinical Trials and Research Manager, Oncology,Optum, 

SOCRA Southern NV Chapter, Chair 

Casey Jackson, MS, CCRP, Director, Research Quality Improvement and Compliance, Office of Research and Scholarship, University of Maryland School of Nursing

SOCRA Baltimore Chapter, Chair 

Sarah L. Wicks, MPH, J.D., Associate, Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, P.C.,

SOCRA Baltimore Chapter, Media Coordinator 

Michelle Medeiros, MS, MA, CCRP, Director of research for The PATIENTS Program, Department of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research (PHSR), the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy,

SOCRA Baltimore Chapter, Development Coordinator

Ezzat Mostafa, CCRP, Clinical Research Specialist, University of Maryland Baltimore

SOCRA Baltimore Chapter, Administrator 

Scott Wehage, MS, CCRPPresident/Owner, APEX Clinical Research Consulting, LLC

SOCRA Baltimore Chapter, Co-chair 

Allie Mossing, MS, CCRP, Clinical Project Manager, Clinical Affairs Department, Align Technology, Inc., 

SOCRA San Jose Chapter, Chair 

 Spencer Todd, PhD, CCRP, Senior Project Manager, Clinical Development Research, Align Technology, Inc.

SOCRA San Jose Chapter, Vice Chair 

 Wendy Lloyd, Senior Clinical Research Quality Analyst at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

SOCRA Nashville Chapter, Chair 

 Deepika Sharma, M.Sc., CCRP, Research Quality Assurance Specialist, The Hospital for Sick Children, 

SOCRA Greater Toronto Area Chapter, Education Committee

Kathleen OMalley BSN, CCRP, CCE, Director of Education and Training at Jefferson Clinical Research Institute, Thomas Jefferson University





SOCRA Center City Philadelphia Chapter, Chair