2024 Election Results


Catherine Hudson, MPH, CCRP

Senior Director
F. Marie Hall Institute for Rural and Community Health
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Lubbock, TX



Vision statement

I am deeply grateful and honored to be nominated for the position of President of the SOCRA Board of Directors. Having been associated with SOCRA for over two decades, both as a member and a director, I have had the privilege of working alongside remarkable leaders in the clinical research industry. Throughout this time, I've observed how SOCRA has adeptly navigated challenging times with thoughtfulness and innovation, solidifying its status as a premier organization in clinical research.

Throughout my career in research, I have undertaken a variety of roles, from coordinating clinical trials to overseeing community-based participatory research projects, and spearheading initiatives aimed at reducing health disparities, especially in rural health areas. Currently, I am dedicated to leading community engagement efforts, focusing on developing the healthcare workforce in rural and underserved communities. This is achieved through sustainable community and academic partnerships aimed at addressing the healthcare provider shortage and enhancing healthcare access.

My vision for SOCRA is to see the organization continue to build upon its longstanding tradition of excellence, further supporting and developing its membership and the research profession at large. If elected as President, I commit to serving as a fervent ambassador for SOCRA, leveraging my skills and experiences to contribute to its ongoing success. Additionally, I aim to champion equity and inclusion within all facets of clinical research, ensuring that these principles are at the forefront of our endeavors.


Amanda Galster, MPH, CCRP

Associate Director of Clinical Trials
R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona




Vision Statement

My research experience includes pediatric clinical trials, Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC), and most recently aging research. In these areas I have supported and managed innovative research, built and led research teams, and ensured regulatory compliance. However, what I enjoy most is training, coaching, and supporting research staff and empowering them to do their work in the most ethical, effective, and compliant ways. Supporting the professional development of clinical research professionals is crucial in this highly regulated and ever-changing landscape. The pandemic has changed how we do this important work, while also elevating the importance of rapid high-quality clinical research. Even so, the profession and the workforce are facing significant challenges as clinical research tries to keep pace in this golden era of innovation. I believe with all my heart that SOCRA serves a critical need, and gladly volunteer my time to move the SoCRA mission forward and support the membership in advancing the profession.

Prior involvement in the planning for Annual Conferences and hosting other conferences and webinars gave me great insight into the mission and organization of SOCRA. Yet serving on the Board of Directors has enlightened me to the greater challenges we all face. Extending my service to the Board of Directors as Secretary would allow me to further support the education and professional development needs of our clinical research professionals, and I would be proud to serve the research community in this way.


Katrina Croghan, MS, CCRP

Quality Management Coordinator
Cancer Clinical Trial Office
Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center
Rochester, MN
Adjunct Faculty
Applied Clinical Research Program
St. Cloud State University
St. Cloud, MN

Vision Statement:

I was so excited to learn about this nomination, specifically the opportunity to become an advocate for clinical trial education and training for all SOCRA members. As a Quality Management Coordinator for the Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center (MCCCC) our focus has been on creating implementing, and sustaining an enterprise Quality Management System (QMS), which includes the establishment, maintenance, and professional development of employees, retention of all MCCCC documentation, policies, procedures, etc. Additionally, my personal love of learning and teaching has allowed me to transcend my enthusiasm for clinical trials training to an adjunct faculty position for St. Cloud State University’s Applied Clinical Research Program; and an opportunity to become a co-chair for the SEMN SOCRA Chapter. Here, I along with wonderful colleagues and education members, have been able to present on numerous clinical trial topics and obtain feedback on how to improve year after year.
My goal in becoming a member of the SOCRA Board of Directors will allow me to serve the membership by carrying our excitement for clinical trial research and extending it through new technologies and educational experiences for all. This is because learning through discovery transports knowledge to new heights. Afterall, “If we knew what it was, we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?”- Albert Einstein.

Anatoly Gorkun, MD, PhD, Chartered MCIPD

Associate Director
Project Management, Cardio-Vascular & General Medicine
ThermoFisher Scientific, Clinical Research Group
Cambridge, UK



Vision Statement

SOCRA has given me a great opportunity to make a meaningful impact in patients’ lives through support and development of clinical research professionals. Since 2005 I am proud to have been able to provide consistent contribution as an Annual Conference Program Committee member and speaker, Item Writing Committee member, as well as the Training Track moderator.

As a member of the Board of Directors, I will continue to promote training and development of clinical research professionals, taking it to a higher level by prioritizing the enhancement of soft skills, knowledge of regulations and ethics, empowering and inspiring individuals, and fostering the growth of cohesive teams.

I strongly believe that happy teams are productive teams, and thus, I will strive to instill values, such as supportive and friendly working environment, proactive and critical thinking, resilience, communication and management skills, cross-functional and international collaboration, quality, and innovations in our programs and initiatives.

I am deeply grateful for the honor to be nominated to the SOCRA Board of Directors. I will continue to serve SOCRA and the research community with dedication. My expertise and experience in clinical monitoring, quality assurance, project management, training and coaching, people management and leadership in the United States and multinational global settings will be instrumental in helping me to achieve the goals and to drive positive outcomes – together with you all!

Allie Mossing, MS, CCRP

Clinical Project Manager
Clinical Affairs Department
Align Technology, Inc.
San Jose, CA



Vision Statement:

Driven by a deep appreciation for SOCRA and all that I have gained from it, I am eager to elevate my involvement in SOCRA in new ways. With my extensive expertise, I bring a unique perspective and representation from the medical device sector.

In taking on the role of Director, I aim to contribute the perspective of a newer clinical professional, representing my generation and inspiring individuals like me to become active members of SOCRA. I intend to highlight my position to encourage and support the upcoming generations of clinical research professionals, ensuring they benefit from the valuable resources and connections that have shaped my own professional journey.

I have served as the chairperson for the San Jose SOCRA Chapter since 2019, where my commitment has been to cultivate a dynamic learning community for clinical research professionals. Through hosting regular educational presentations, the chapter established a robust platform for networking and knowledge exchange within the clinical research field. My engagement with SOCRA has been pivotal in shaping my career, providing access to a wealth of educational resources, and fostering valuable connections that have significantly enriched my knowledge, skills, and professional network.

Believing that the inclusion of all levels for clinical professionals is crucial for SOCRA's continued relevance, I am committed to contributing to the organization's longevity and upholding its reputation for years to come.

Annette McCoy Oeser, MLAS, BS, CCRP

Clinical Translational Research Coordinator III
Division of Clinical Pharmacology
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nashville, TN



 Vision Statement:

As a member of the Board of Directors over the past year, I have had the privilege of working with and learning from fellow board members while gaining a greater understanding of SOCRA operations, processes, and vision. I plan to continue to support the SOCRA mission by promoting the clinical research profession through quality education and training and supporting a recognized and respected CCRP Certification Program.

As a Co-Chair of the Nashville SOCRA Chapter, I have endeavored to create learning and networking opportunities, mentor local members, promote members’ professional development, and elevate under-represented voices in clinical research. I plan to continue to do at the national level.

My interest in clinical research ethics has led me to pursue a master’s degree in Bioethics. Clinical research requires the use of human participants, and we are tasked with fully protecting them while collecting the data needed to answer research questions to improve health worldwide. We must promote research integrity and develop ethical thinking in clinical researchers and staff. We must examine the past and learn from it. We must also look forward and prepare ourselves for what may come next.

My experience in research spans basic science, animal studies, clinical research, research administration, and bioethics. SOCRA has helped me expand my knowledge, develop leadership skills, and network locally, nationally, and internationally. Utilizing my experience, I hope to contribute to the forward thinking of the Board—using the past to help inform the future and helping our membership to learn, adapt, and thrive in clinical research. Thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve the Society’s membership and to further the mission of SOCRA.

We'd like to extend our congratulations to the incoming 2024-2025 SOCRA Board Members and Officers.

We thank all of the candidates for participating

The Board of Director's election takes place annually in April. 

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