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2018 Poster Program Special Recognition Award Results

SOCRA's 2018 Annual Conference Poster Special Recognition Award Program consisted of 72 posters. Finalists were chosen based on their combined scores from their abstracts and poster evaluations. The finalists were given an opportunity to present their poster to their peers and a panel of judges on Saturday, September 29th. Based on a combined score from the abstracts, posters, and presentations, one winner was chosen from each category (Clinical Trials and Clinical Research Management).

Congratulations to the 2018 Poster Program Special Recognition Award Winners and Finalists!

2018 Clinical Trials Category

Winner - Cynthia Nguyen

Virtual Reality to Reduce Procedural Pain During IV Insertion in Children at the Emergency Department: A Feasibility Pilot Study


Jane De Jesus

Effective Recruitment for a Community-based Addictions and Mental Health Research Registry

Carla Girolametto  

A Pilot Study of a Nurse and Pharmacist Led OTN (Ontario Telemedicine Network) Based Clinic for Management of Prostate Cancer Patients on Oral Therapy

Steven Thelen-Perry  

Evaluating the Patient Experience with Video Visits at an Academic Medical Center

Alison Majkut   

Challenges of Telephone Informed Consent in Pragmatic Clinical Trials

2018 Clinical Reserach Management Category

Winner - Rachel Kingsford

How to be a Principal Investigator: Developing and Implementing of a Practical Training Program

Elizabeth Franck Thompson 

Using Child Life Services in Cystic Fibrosis Clinical Trials with Preschool-Age Participants

Corinna Bowers 

Consortium Research- The TEN Program: Training, Educating and Networking for Consortium Coordinators

Maraty Gray 

The Case for a Designated Clinical Research Educator

Karen Doering   

A Phase II Validation Study of Methylated DNA markers for Hepatocellular Cancer: Strengths of Detailed Chart Abstraction When using Biorepository Archival Samples