Job Details

Title: Director of Research Recruitment and Performance
Company: High Enroll, LLC
Location: Remote with Travel

Are you passionate about improving research? Do you love helping physicians and research teams do the best possible research? We are looking for someone with passion for helping healthcare systems and their clinical providers achieve greater success in recruiting participants for research studies using the High Enroll platform. The role will involve both local and nationwide initiatives. This is a remote position with frequent travel to work on-site with research teams and occasional travel to company headquarters.

Headquartered out of Cincinnati, OH, High Enroll is a start-up company founded by clinicians and researchers to solve problems for clinicians and researchers. We are rapidly expanding and will soon offering services to every part of the United States.

The responsibilities:
1) Lead the implement and continuing support of research teams
across the U.S. with the High Enroll recruitment platform (the most
empathetic and sympathetic platform for clinicians and nurses on
the market!).

2) Help discover the best recruitment strategies and disseminate them
amongst the research teams that we support. We are focused on
using our expertise to solve every pain-points that healthcare
systems encounter in recruiting participants.

3) Meet with physicians, research managers, and coordinators to
incorporate research recruitment comprehensively into outpatient
and inpatient clinical workflows.

4) Bring back all the electronic data, customer feedback, and insights
to the company's leadership and technical teams in order to guide
our innovation program

5) Design and test thoughtful quality and performance improvement
initiatives across our research teams.

As the Research Recruitment and Optimization Champion, you will be the day-to-day face of High Enroll at the research teams we support- from private practices to large research powerhouses - across the United States. This role will be fun, challenging and rewarding and has endless opportunities to deliver a new way of recruiting subjects into clinical research projects that will radically drive outcomes in healthcare, research and economics for customers. Opportunities for advancement will be available.

To learn more about our organization, please visit our website: If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, apply through the website or contact:

To be considered, you will meet the following requirements:
1) Passion for clinical research and the healthcare providers and
research professionals who do this work
2) 8+ years of working within a clinical care and/or clinical research
3) Self-starter who is relentlessly positive, eager and able to achieve
4) Teamwork and good communication skills are a must
5) Able to travel for on-site research team support
6) Ability to work remote

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SOCRA Exp: 5/11/2022