Program Description

Harnessing Social Media to Advance Clinical Research

Goal: The Society of Clinical Research Associates (SOCRA) recognizes the continuing need for education for Clinical Research Professionals. The purpose of this program is to inform clinical research site administrators, managers, investigators, research nurses, other researchers and marketing personnel about social media’s capabilities and benefits with regard to clinical research. Participants will learn the newest concepts for the use of social media in clinical research, as well as applicable regulatory implications. The presenters will share methods for using social media in various settings of clinical research, including subject recruitment and retention as well as data collection. The program will consider the impact of social media on healthcare and the regulatory environment, including the IRB’s perspective on the use of social media in clinical research as well as the clinical research community’s ethical and legal responsibility to the clinical trial participant. Topics will also include social media as a method for intervention and research collaboration. This program will also address the benefits and drawbacks of the use of social media in orphan drug development, and the opportunities that patient support organizations offer the researcher.

Objective: The goal will be accomplished through lecture and practical application facilitated by clinical research professionals. Information and practical application recommendations will be presented and discussed regarding social media in clinical research.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this course the attendee should be able to:

• Discuss the role of social media in healthcare and clinical research.
• Describe trends in social media and implications of its use in healthcare.
• Describe the specific tools used in social media.
• Discuss how to set up a Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook page for a clinical trial.
• Discuss what Twitter and Pinterest are, and how to use both to promote awareness and understanding of clinical trial research.
• Discuss how to create an ad and post it to Pinterest and Facebook, and how to target the population needed for recruitment.
• Describe the IRB’s perspective on using social media in research including major ethical challenges and security issues.
• Discuss the diffi culties and possibilities raised by social media communications between and among research subjects.
• Provide an overview of the federal regulatory requirements and policies relevant to clinical trials using social media.
• Identify ethical and regulatory challenges involved with applying federal requirements to clinical trials involving social mediaand    discuss strategies for investigators and IRBs for managing these challenges.
• Provide practical guidance to investigators and IRBs for developing and reviewing research protocols involving social media.
• Identify a 6-part strategic framework to effectively manage a Facebook page.
• Identify why social media users should post frequently, as it relates to clinical research.
• Discuss the legal and ethical implications of using social media for study recruitment.
• Discuss best practices and strategies used for subject recruitment through social media.
• Discuss how social media messaging impacts the study subject decision-making process and how engagement increases or decreases    social media campaign reach.
• Discuss first year metrics related to the online research for her registry.
• Navigate through different soical media platforms.