Innovation Showcase: Canadian Conference

Have you or your team implemented an innovative solution, workflow or process that you’re proud of and that resulted in a “Work Win” at your research organization? This could include things such as implementing a master delegation log workflow, a budget tool, a way to engage learners during training or some other method of increasing efficiency or quality in your work. The list of what you could share is endless. What we are looking for is something that you’re proud of and want to share with others in the Canadian clinical research community.

All improvements big or small are welcome to apply. Whether you’re a newcomer to clinical research or have been in the field for years, this is open to everyone working in clinical research.

This year, we are introducing the Innovative Showcase segment at the SOCRA Canadian Conference, consisting of 4 speakers who will each share some practical solution or wisdom that they have gained from their day-to-day work. To make the speaking experience less daunting, we are asking for bite-sized presentations of only 15-20 minutes.

Not only that, selected speakers will receive fee-waived registration to the entire conference.


Apply below by March 20, 2024
(4 speakers will be selected. Selected speakers will be contacted via email.)


By this submission, I certify that my submission is an original work and have no prior ownership or copyright restrictions. I certify that the submission and/or presentation are not previously copyrighted. I give SOCRA authority to reproduce and publish my abstract, for educational purposes. If any other individual or organization asks for or receives copyright privileges for this work, I will promptly notify SOCRA of any such situation. I shall hold SOCRA harmless from any breach of this warranty.