Central Oklahoma

You are invited to the next SOCRA Central Oklahoma
Chapter meeting

When: Wednesday, April 12, 2023 (In Person and Zoom option)

Where: OU College of Medicine
800 Stanton L Young Blvd
1st Floor, Conference Room C

Topic: RedCap

Presenter(s): Thomas Wilson, MPH REDCap Admin

Synopsis: REDCap Project Dashboards are pages with dynamic content that can be added to a project. They can utilize special Smart Variables called Smart Functions, Smart Tables, and Smart Charts that can perform aggregate mathematical functions, display tables of descriptive statistics, and render various types of charts, respectively. Project dashboards have two basic attributes: a title and a body. User access privileges are customizable for each dashboard, and anyone with Project Design privileges can create and edit them. A wizard is provided on the Project Dashboard creation page to help you easily construct the syntax to add Smart Functions, Smart Tables, or Smart Charts to your dashboards, and a list of helpful examples is also included.
Data filtering: By default, Smart Functions, Smart Tables, and Smart Charts will utilize all the data from *all records* in the project. However, you may utilize a subset of the data in the project by limiting them to a specific report's data (using a unique report name), to records belonging to one or more DAGs, and/or to data in specific events (if the project is longitudinal). Unique report names can be found for each report listed on the "My Reports & Exports" page. You can append the unique report names, unique DAG names, and unique events names to any Smart Function, Smart Table, or Smart Chart using the syntax described in the Smart Variables documentation.
Set as "public": Project dashboards may also be optionally set as "public", which means that they can be viewed outside of the REDCap project by anyone with the unique link to the public dashboard (i.e., without logging in). To help protect potentially sensitive data being displayed on public dashboards, any Smart Function, Smart Table, or Smart Chart displayed on the public version of the dashboard will not be rendered unless they are utilizing/displaying at least 11 data points.

Please RSVP to: Julie.choate@ouhealth.com

CE: 1 hr. SOCRA CEU available for SOCRA members

Directions and parking information: The College of Medicine is the newest building on the OU Health Sciences Center Campus. Located on the corner of Stanton L. Young and N. Phillips Avenue. If you need to park, please use the OU Children’s Physicians parking across the street. There will be a fee to park.

We are meeting in person again so please join us in person if at all possible. We are limiting Zoom participation to 25 with a “secret word/phrase” being required to obtain CEU. It is imperative you RSVP for this meeting. It will be on a first come first serve by RSVP basis. If for some reason you have to cancel attending, please let me know as soon as possible so I can open it up to another person. DO NOT show up if you did not RSVP. I will have to keep a list.

Chapter Chairperson:

Julie Choate, CCRP
Phone: 405 271 7498