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SOCRA Phoenix / Valley of the Sun Chapter Meeting

Please RSVP Below!


Please RSVP Below:

We are thrilled to offer CE for this special symposium with you!
A unique collaboration with Arizona State University for 6.5 SOCRA CE at Comparative Medicine Symposium

Nov. SOCRA Phoenix / Valley of the Sun Chapter Meeting: Thursday, Nov 30, 2023
ASU Skysong Innovation Center (Building 3 - Synergy Conference Room)

SOCRA Phoenix / Valley of the Sun Chapter invites you to this full day, in-person meeting.

Objectives to Better Understand:

  1. Existing limitations of pre-clinical translational research and how this impacts clinical studies and drug development cost
  2. Canine diseases which share molecular, cellular, physiological and clinical homology to humans; with a focus on cancer, heart disease, infections, aging and cognition.
  3. Similarities between veterinary and human medical care and clinical studies
  4. The One Medicine approach to development of drugs, biologics, diagnostics, and devices

Free registration, parking, breakfast, lunch and post-event reception:

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SOCRA Phoenix / Valley of the Sun Chapter Chairpersons
Jeannie, Ildiko, Yoga, Kayla, and Allison and Paige


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Chapter Co-Chairpersons:

Jeannie Farnsworth, CCRP

Ildiko Torok, CCRP

Yoga Pandya, CCRP

Kayla Gray, CCRP

Allison Jolkovski, CCRP

Paige Nielsen, CCRP