San Diego Area

SOCRA San Diego Chapter Meeting Announcement

Date: April 25, 2018, Wednesday Time: 5:00-6:00 pm

Our security guard leaves @6:00 so I could NOT schedule our meeting later than 6pm. Thank you!

Place: CPC Assembly Rm B (ground floor)
Scripps Health Administrative Services
10010 Campus Point Dr, San Diego, CA 92121



Tarane Sondoozi, Psy.D., CEAP,

Employee Assistance Program
Scripps Health San Diego, CA.

Dr. Sondozzi is an accomplished and high-performing professional with an in depth knowledge of organizational development and healthcare operations. Well sought after speaker, author, innovative consultant and trainer with demonstrated ability to develop and deliver effective, well received presentations and trainings to enhance, services excellence, patient satisfaction, physician wellness, leadership development, effective communication and interpersonal competence for individuals and teams at all levels of healthcare organizations.

Title: Increase Communication between research staff & medical team.


1. Identify obstacles in this increase communication.

2. How to effectively increase communication.

One-hour CEU credit is offered towards one's therapeutic area for recertification for SOCRA members.

RSVP: Lumen Sena Phone: 858.361.7451


SOCRA members and non-members welcome