Program Description

Clinical Research Nursing Virtual Conference 

Goal: The purpose of this program is to describe and define essential functions of the clinical research nurse with consideration of the recently released ANA Scope and Standards of practice for Clinical Research Nursing. Clinical Research Nurses practice in a variety of clinical research settings, including serving as a bedside clinical research nurse, clinical research manager at a site, clinical research associate for a sponsor, or nurse researcher who is developing protocols and overseeing his/her own research.

Objective: The goal will be accomplished through lecture and practical application facilitated by clinical research professionals with extensive experience in nursing, education and clinical research administration and management. Information will be presented and discussed regarding the American Nurses Association (ANA) scopes and standards of practice for clinical research nurses. This program will address the unique challenges clinical research nurses face regarding the administration of clinical research and the care for patients.

Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this course, the attendee should be able to:

  • Review the key concepts of the Clinical Research Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice and functionality of the associated competencies
  • Identify the various roles, responsibilities, dimensions, and competencies of the clinical research nurse
  • Walk through the research protocol sections and provide tools and solutions to enable nurses to boost knowledge and confidence
  • Discuss the informed consent process with a small group practice session using case studies.
  • Discuss best practices in the management of clinical research projects, promoting consistency of functions and ensuring accuracy and integrity of study data
  • Discuss considerations for program management, as well as leadership and management of the multidisciplinary clinical research team
  • Explore clinical research nursing competencies from the professional practice standards and identify real-world application in various roles and associated responsibilities
  • Discuss workplace, research participant, public health and safety, and current industry issues, trends, and future directions that Clinical Research Nurses encounter in their practice