How to Host This Course

Clinical Research Professional Certification Preparation and GCP Review Course

If you are interested in hosting the GCP Review course at your site, please review the general requirements and responsibilities of host.   Once you understand the requirements and host responsibilities, please complete the Hosting Application and return to the SOCRA office.

USA & CANADA CRP Certification, Preparation, and Review Course Hosting Application

 International CRP Certification, Preparation, and Review Course Hosting Application


General Hosting Requirements

The Prep Course and the Certification exam registrations will be open to all SOCRA members. A minimum of 20 Prep Course participants and a minimum of 15 exam participants must be guaranteed to schedule the course and exam. SOCRA recommends selection of dates at least four months out to secure an instructor and to assure the receipt of payment and completed applications no less than six weeks prior to the exam date.   SOCRA will advertise this course and exam on its website and in the SOCRA Source journal once they have been confirmed by the SOCRA office.

Responsibilities of Host

Host will be responsible for securing a quiet room set 2 per 6 ft table for a minimum of 30 participants, guarantee payment of $295 per attendee if less than the minimum of 20 attendees finally register for the Prep course; provide an LCD projector, lap top computer installed with Microsoft Word and Powerpoint; a registration area and person to assist the instructor the day of the course with registration, handouts and facilitation for the course; and provide continental breakfast, lunch and two breaks for course attendees.

SOCRA will reimburse the costs for the banquet event order once an invoice has been submitted.   Host will assure that all unused course materials and course evaluations will be returned to the SOCRA office no later than two business days following the course.

Host will provide a similar type of room for the examination the day following the Prep course. The room will have one additional chair and one table at the front of the room for the facilitator.  Host must complete and sign a separate Exam Scheduling Form in addition to this form.