Oncology Poster Program

SOCRA is pleased to announce the addition of a peer reviewed poster program to the Oncology Clinical Trials Conference.

The poster program offers an opportunity for individuals working in clinical research in the oncology setting to share their work and findings with the research community. Abstracts will be published in the SOCRA Source Journal.

We invite you to submit poster abstracts on the themes listed below in the context of best practices in clinical research within the oncology setting. We look forward to another exciting conference and value the time you will spend on your submission; we look forward to reading about your work.

Poster Themes
  • Process Improvement and Quality in oncology clinical research
  • Patient as partner: Patient oriented research
  • Recruitment Methods and Strategies
  • Hot Topics in Oncology Clinical Research


Poster boards are limited in size to four feet high by eight feet wide (4’x8’). Posters will be "judged" by conference attendees for special recognition. Time will be allotted to view and evaluate the posters.

Posters may have been displayed previously, but should not be copyrighted and should not promote commercial products or services.


Please email poster abstracts here (See abstract guidelines below). In order to be published in the program book, abstracts must be submitted by March 6, 2023.

Guidelines for Submission 
  • Indicate the category that the poster represents ( Process Improvement and Quality in oncology clinical research, Patient as partner: Patient oriented research, Recruitment Methods and Strategies, Hot Topics in Oncology Clinical Research)
  • If the submission is a research project, the first sentence must state the purposes or specific objectives of the study. Methods should describe the study design, subjects, and evaluative procedures. Clear documentation of statistical methodology should accompany the methods/results section. A summary of the results must be stated in the abstract to support the final conclusions. Please do not include statements about providing further data or conclusions at the time that the abstract is presented.
  • If the submission is an overview or a theoretical position paper, state the purpose and methodology if appropriate. The body of the abstract should include the main points that are to be made as well as the conclusion(s).
  • Abstracts of posters are limited to 500 words in length, (not including figures, tables, or graphs) and must be presented on a single page/poster.
  • Abstracts must present new data. The author must certify that no prior copyright or ownership applies to the abstract or poster.
  • Authors of posters must be registered attendees for the conference at the time of submission in order to be considered for the poster program and competition and to have the abstract published.