Refunds, Rescheduling and Retesting

Refund Policy

The fee is refundable if the application process is unsuccessful. For qualified applicants who apply for an examination, the fee is nonrefundable.


SOCRA sponsored site: If the applicant is unable to take the examination on the date specified, the applicant must formally notify SOCRA in writing by email that they will be unable to sit for the examination. The applicant will then have one year, from the original application date, to take the examination at another site. If the applicant fails to take the exam within that specified period, he/she will forfeit their examination fee and must submit a new application and fee when reapplying.

Computer Based Testing: A candidate wishing to cancel or reschedule must do so at least fifteen (15) days prior to the scheduled exam date to not forfeit the $115 fee.  Without an approved excuse, which includes; death of an immediate family member, active military orders, jury duty, or a doctor's excuse (on the medical facility letterhead). Candidates wishing to cancel or reschedule with 15 or fewer calendar days prior to their scheduled exam session will be required to pay $25.

Candidates are not permitted to reschedule or cancel a scheduled examination less than five (5) calendar days prior to their scheduled examination, without an approved excuse. If a candidate fails to appear for their scheduled examination, comes to the test site without proper ID, and/or the proper admission letter, the candidate will forfeit the full $115 testing fee.


If you are retesting within 1 year of application:

  • You will not have to resubmit your supporting documentation (job description(s), employment verification letter(s), etc.). 
  • There is a 15 day waiting period before you can re-test. If you are unsuccessful in passing the exam 3 times, you must provide proof of 6 hours of GCP education/training before retesting for the 4th time.
  • Re-test fee: paper & pencil $200, CBT $275
  • To register, apply online, select "re-test" at the top of the application, and submit with payment to the SOCRA office.