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Continuing Education Requirements

Certificants must complete 45 hours (45 credits) of CE during their certification period.   A minimum of 22 CE must be related to Clinical Research regulations, policy, etc. The remaining CE may relate to your Therapeutic or Professional Area. 1 CE will be awarded for the successful completion of the Continuing Competence Learning Module.

It is the responsibility of the certificant to maintain copies of program descriptions or agendas, and some form of verification of attendance such as a certificate of completion or letter of attendance or notice of grade, or class completion certificate.  Please see CE Recordkeeping Requirements for more details.   A random audit of programs submitted for CE credit will be conducted each year.

Because of the diversity of SOCRA membership, a specific listing of approved CE programs will not be developed.  The Description of Acceptable CE overview serves as a guide for evaluating CE programs.

Certificants applying for recertification will be asked to sign an affidavit that verifies an accumulation of 45 hours of CE applicable to their work in clinical research.  Only educational hours may be claimed for CE; you may not claim CE credit for your work hours.

Accruing Continuing Education (CE)

All CE must be accrued during your certification period. We suggest that you keep an ongoing log of accrued CE to assure that you are keeping up to date on the requirements for maintenance of CE.   See CE Recordkeeping Requirements for more details on documentation requirements.

Categories of CE

The table below explains the breakdown of CE that you may claim within each CE category:

Category of CE Description of Category Amount of CE Allowable Total CE Required
Clinical Research Regulatory / GCP CE related to clinical research regulations, policy, GCP, falling under the umbrella of 21CFR, 45CFR, ICHE6 Minimum of 22 CEU may be claimed (no maximum) 45 CE per 3 year certification period
Therapeutic / Professional Area CE related to your specialty in research (therapy, treatment, professional specialty, etc.) No minimum
Continuing Competence Learning Module CE for completing the self administered Continuing Competence Learning Module One (1) CE may be claimed
How to Calculate CE
  • As a rule, one (1) hour of activity = one (1) hour of CE. (45 minute presentation and 15 minute Q&A = 1 CE)
  • For example; One classroom hour of learning = One CE hour
  • For college courses; One (1) semester hour of college credit = ten (10) hours of CE
  • For Audio/Video; Tapes must be one hour in length for each hour claimed.
Descriptions of Acceptable CE

Please review the Description of Acceptable CE for more details and a guide for evaluating CE programs.