CCRP Renewal of Certification

Certification of Clinical Research Professionals by SOCRA is based on a continuing process of professional experience and education. This program is dedicated to providing recognition and validation of the professional growth of the individual “CCRP®” to the healthcare community. The goal is to assure the safety of human research participants and improve the health of people around the world.

Applying for Recertification 

Recertification is required every three years. A recertification reminder packet (including an application) is emailed two months before your certification expiration date. To be considered for recertification, the candidate must:

1) Complete 45 hours of Continuing Education (CE) applicable to their work in clinical research during their certification period.  See the links below for detailed CE requirements. 

2) Complete a self-administered Continuing Competence Learning Module. This module will be completed online at your own pace. The exercise is intended to assure that CCRPs are maintaining their knowledge and understanding related to changes affecting clinical research. 

3) Submit their recertification application and fee (currently $350 USD for three years) to the SOCRA administrative office prior to their certification expiration date. Fees are non-refundable.

See below for information regarding applying for recertification, CCRP® maintenance, and continuing education requirements.

Applying for Recertification 
Requirements for Maintenance of CCRP® Credential
Continuing Education Requirements 
Description of Acceptable CE
CE Record keeping Requirements 
Recertification Continuing Competence Learning Module 


If your CCRP has lapsed you have two options to reinstate your CCRP recertification.

1. If you hold the required 45 CE within your certification period, you may apply for reinstatement. You may apply for reinstatement by completing the reinstatement application and submitting a $50 processing fee. Once the application form is received, you will be sent the re-certification application and fee, and online education module, 'Regulatory Updates for Clinical Research Professionals', for you to complete.

2. If you do NOT have the required 45 CE within your certification period, you may apply to take the certification exam. Both paper and computer based testing options are available.  Click here for the Certification Exam Application and Fee. 
You may contact with any questions.

Apply Online

Recertification Portfolio

Regulatory Updates Certificate of Completion
You must successfully complete the online continuing competence module in order to submit your online recertification application. Please review the Recertification Requirements for details.
Attach your "Regulatory Updates for Clinical Research Professional" online education module certificate of completion
Attach your completed CE Log spreadsheet. Please keep your supporting documentation on file in the event that you are audited
As a certified clinical research professional, you are included in SOCRA's online directory of CCRP certified clinical research professionals.
By submitting this application and portfolio, I attest that the information provided is accurate and understand that falsification or misrepresentation of my application information will invalidate my certification status.

Payment Information