CE Recordkeeping Requirements

Record keeping
CE Documentation Requirements

It is the responsibility of the applicant to maintain copies of certificates of completion/attendance, OR program descriptions/agendas from the CE activity and a form of verification of attendance. If a formal certificate of completion or attendance is not available, please send one form of verification with the meeting description or agenda.

Certification may include any one of the following forms:
  • letter from meeting host which should verify attendance and hours of CE,
  • copy of official meeting sign-in sheet,
  • personal name tag with logo or name of program host,
  • notice of grade received or class transcript
  • Examples of items that DO NOT qualify as proof of meeting attendance include: notification of meeting, flight schedules, boarding passes, hotel receipts. Such items cannot assure an auditor that a candidate attended a program.
CE Tracking Tool

SOCRA created an Excel based tool that members may download to help log and track their continuing education (CE) hours. We strongly suggest that certificants use this log to track their CE. The completed spreadsheet can then be submitted with the recertification application and learning module when applying for recertification. Click here to download the CE Tracking Log. You can also view a sample CE Tracking Log here

CE Documentation Retention Requirements

Download the CE Tracking Log to assist you in keeping track of your CE.    Please retain all original certificates of attendance and documentation for 2 years after your certification period ends. The certificates of attendance and documentation will not be submitted with your recertification application. However, if selected for recertification audit, these certificates of attendance and documentation will need to be submitted. If you are unable to produce this supporting documentation at that time, your certification will be revoked. We suggest that you also retain a copy of your recertification application and CE tracking log submitted with your recertification application. A recertification audit is performed in the spring of each year, selecting up to 10% of the previous year’s recertification applications.