Finance and Billing

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2024 Agenda

Sat., Sept 28 3:45 to 4:30                                     Track: Finance and Billing
Research Financial Forecasting

Mr. Simmer will discuss the aspects of financial forecasting within research. 529

Presenter: James Simmer, BSN, MBA, President, Research Answers

Sat., Sept 28 4:35 to 5:20                                     Track: Finance and Billing
Budget and Contract Negotiations: How to Negotiate for What your Site Needs

Time is money! Timely budget and contract negotiations are a critical step to getting studies up and running.Ms. Sarafin will focus on negotiation strategies to ensure successful collaborations and faster agreements between sites and sponsors. 531

Presenter: Sandra Sarafin, BA, CCRP, Director, Research Business Services, OhioHealth Research Institute