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Pediatric Research

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2018 Agenda

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Saturday, September 29, 8:30-9:15                                   

Initiating a Pediatric Research Program 

Attendees will gather tactics and techniques to initiate pediatrics research within a private practice setting or within an academic center. Sometimes getting started with your first study is the biggest challenge. This presentation will help you initiate getting involved or becoming better known as a location for pediatric research. 517

Presenter: Janelle Allen, BS, MS, CCRP, Director, Clinical Research Operations, Quality & Education, I-ACT for Children

Track: Pediatric Research

Saturday, September 29, 9:20-10:05                                 

Enrollment in Pediatric Research: What Works and What Does not Work

Dr. Waseem will discuss the challenges in pediatric research. How the enrollment is different from adult research and what techniques can be used to improve enrollment of children will be highlighted. 519

Presenter: Muhammad Waseem, MD, MS, CCRP, CIP, CHSE-A, Research Director/ Professor Emergency Medicine, Lincoln Medical Center  

Track: Pediatric Research

Saturday, September 29, 10:50-11:35                                 

The Importance of Affirmative Assent in Pediatric Clinical Trials 

Children are considered vulnerable subjects and therefore entitled to added protection under federal regulations. This requires not only parental permission but affirmative assent of the child. Dr. Cataletto will discuss the developing capacity that occurs during childhood and the circumstances that affect enrollment in clinical trials. 521

Presenter: Mary Cataletto, MD, MMM, Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, NYU Winthrop Hospital 

Track: Pediatric Research

Saturday, September 29, 11:40-12:25                                     

Building Networks to Support Pediatric Research

Building networks and relationships is key to creating a robust, quality research program.  This talk will focus on building and maintaining internal and external networks to support projects and overall objectives. 523

Presenter: Emily Owens Pickle, BS, CCRP, Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Coordinator, Orlando Health Inc./Arnold Palmer Hospital

Track: Pediatric Research

Saturday, September 29, 1:40-2:25                                              

Strategies for AE and SAE Tracking in Pediatric Clinical Trials 

Effective monitoring and reporting of adverse events and serious adverse events is vital to ensuring participant safety.  This presentation will share some practical strategies to accomplish this work in pediatric clinical trials, including how to prepare your source documents, how to effectively work with care teams, and how to ensure reporting requirements are met. 525

Presenter: Amanda Galster, MPH, CCRP, Clinical Research Program Director, University of Minnesota 

Track: Pediatric Research

Saturday, September 29, 2:30-3:15                                      

Managing Complex Pediatric Trials 

Planning and managing early phase, experimental pediatric research studies requires a whole team approach. This presentation will discuss the challenges faced when undertaking feasibility assessments and accurately costing for the work to be undertaken. Ms. Hodsdon and Ms. Rowley will provide examples and tools to aid in planning these complex studies using a whole system approach to ensure patient safety, quality, and efficient allocation of resources. 527

Presenters: Christy Rowley, BA, MSc,  Clinical Research Facility Operations Manager, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children 

Lorraine Hodsdon, BSc, MSc, RN, Head of Nursing, Clinical Research, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

Track: Pediatric Research