Pediatric Research

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2024 Agenda

Sat., Sept 28 3:45 to 4:30                                     Track: Pediatric Research
Challenges and Organization of Early Phase Pediatric Clinical Trials

Dr. Giurici will discuss an example of how a Phase I clinical trial unit was set up in Europe and the way it was organized to maximize functionality and efficiency both for hospital staff and sponsors will be discussed. 429

Presenter: Nagua Giurici, MD, Director, Phase I Clinical Trial Unit, Institute for Maternal & Child Health IRCCS

Sat., Sept 28 4:35 to 5:20                                     Track: Pediatric Research
Enrolling Research Subjects at the Time of Crisis: Research on Children with Behavioral Emergencies

Dr. Waseem will consider the challenges when conducting social and behavioral research in the ED. He will also suggest strategies for structuring an appropriate research enrollment. 431

Presenter: Muhammad Waseem, MD, MS, CCRP, CIP, CHSE-A, Research Director, Emergency Medicine, Lincoln Medical Center