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2023 Agenda

Friday, September 29th at 1:15 to 2:00                                                                                                Track: Training

Unlocking the Power of REDCap for Research Management and Team Support: Unconventional Uses for the Platform

REDCap is a very helpful and powerful tool that can be utilized in unconventional ways to assist with study management and the training and management of your team.  This presentation will explore some of those ‘out of the box’ applications for the program and will include overviews on using REDCap for new hire onboarding and training, gift card/incentive management, study tracking for multi-institutional research and others.  This presentation will introduce the audience to new functions for the platform and is appropriate for any level of experience with REDCap, including beginners. 609
Presenter: Elizabeth Solinger, MS, CCRP, Project Manager, The Ohio State University

Friday, September 29th at 2:05 to 2:50                                                                                                Track: Training

Pedagogy and Praxis: Developing an IRB Training Module for Graduate and Professional Students

How do we train the next generation of researchers to successfully navigate IRB protocol review? Using principles from "Conducting Research with Human Participants: An IRB Guide for Students and Faculty" (2023, SAGE Publishing Inc.), this session will share an approach to supporting graduate and professional students with a training module based on strategies from teaching and mentoring in research methods and practice in IRB review, including simple ways to understand how guiding principles in ethical research shape IRB protocol review, adopting a relational approach in research, leveraging coursework to detail procedural steps in the context of data collection, planning for special protections when working with vulnerable groups, exploring patterns in feedback from IRB review, and building a bridge to transition from IRB review to research in the lab or field. 611
Presenter: Nathan Durdella, PhD, MA, BA, Professor, California State University, Northridge 

Friday, September 29th at 3:25 to 4:10                                                                                                    Track: Training

Site Management for Successful Clinical Trials

The research site is the first core for successfulness of any clinical trial. If the site is educated, trained and well developed, there will be a fruitful outcome for the sponsor of clinical research. This starts with the clinical research coordinator, pharmacy team and lab team supported by the clinical investigator/sub-investigators. 613
Presenter: Zena Al-Mudaris, BSc, MSc, CRA, QA Associate/CRA/Regulatory Affair Associate

Friday, September 29th at 4:15 to 5:00                                                                                               Track: Training

They Said What?! Communication for Research Professionals

This session addresses JTF core competencies in communication and teamwork. While research professionals should excel at skills such as regulatory management, participant engagement, study design, and others, one skill that they must use every day is communication—and it is vital that research professionals learn to communicate effectively.

In this session, the audience will learn the importance of communication and how to effectively use verbal and written (i.e., email) means to communicate. The audience will use the acronym “TEACH” (truthful, emotionally intelligent, accountable, clear and concise, have a purpose) to improve both verbal and written communication and learn how to communicate effectively even in tense situations. Direct examples will be given throughout the presentation, including a mock email conversation that attendees will analyze together.
Communicate effectively using verbal and written means. 615
Presenter: Catherine Barnes, BS, CCRP, Associate Director of Clinical Research Operations, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Friday, September 29th at 8:30 to 9:15                                                                             Track: Training

Get Out of a Mess: Managing and Preventing Difficult Situations

It may happen that you inherit an assignment (project or trial site, etc.) which is handed over to you not in the best shape. To run a business up to high standards you must fix a backlog of the existing problems to make it work as required. It might be overwhelming. “How do I start? What should I do? Is there any guidance?” - these might be the questions running through your head. But no panic! In this talk we’ll share our experience in handling complex situations, explaining priorities and chain of actions to achieve a desired outcome. Practical examples of difficult management situations and solutions will be provided. 617
Presenter: Fiona Kearney, MSc, Senior Director, Study Finance Lead, PPD, part of ThermoFisher Scientific
Presenter: Anatoly Gorkun, MD, PhD, Chartered MCIPD, Associate Director Global Project Management, PPD, part of ThermoFisher Scientific

Friday, September 29th at 9:20 to 10:05                                                                                                  Track: Training

Creating & Implementing a Study Management Training Program: You don’t know what you don’t know

Setting your study up for success starts with training. Training study staff has been a burden for institutions, large or small, and finding the best mechanisms for training can be overwhelming. This session will review the development of a clinical research onboarding program that encompasses everything from negotiating study budgets and managing the study to ensuring compliance. The program is applicable to the individual or a group and includes elements for all learning styles. This will be presented in a way that will be generalizable to other institutions. 619
Presenter: Megan Robb, BA, Senior Training & Compliance Coordinator, Nationwide Children's Hospital
Presenter: Christine Baker, BA, CCRP, Team Leader-Regulatory Affairs, Nationwide Children's Hospital