The Trainer’s Toolkit: How to Design Successful Blended Learning

artistic representation of blended learning

Anatoly Gorkun MD, PhD, Chartered MCIPD
Senior Manager, MedImmune

Abstract: Blended learning is a training program in which the audience learns the content through a combination of different learning methods with some element of self-control over time, place, and pace. This article provides an overview of audience learning preferences and styles, blended learning, and how to choose the most appropriate learning methods for a specific training program. Examples of and tools for learning methods are provided.

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Virtual Project Management

Radhika Sivaramakrishna, PhD, PMP, CSSBB, CCRP
Senior Director, Project
Covance, Inc.

Abstract: Clinical research project management is increasingly conducted globally across multiple time zones and cultures. In order to be successful, certain adaptations must be made to routine practices. This article describes key terms and basic concepts of virtual project management, considerations for effective communication and collaboration tools, and ways in which the Project Management Institute knowledge areas can be applied to a virtual framework. Situational examples are provided. While this has been written in the context of clinical trials performed by a biotech or pharmaceutical sponsor engaging a CRO, the same concepts could easily be extended to any geographically dispersed project team.

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