The Value of Centralized Monitoring

group of clinical researchers

Joanne Malia
Associate Director, Clinical Documentation Management
 Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Abstract: Regulatory agencies are advocating for sponsors to take risk-based approaches in various clinical trial-related activities, especially in the area of monitoring. Sponsors are looking at and beginning to use centralized monitoring. This article describes centralized monitoring, regulatory and industry expectations and initiatives related to centralized monitoring, the value of centralized monitoring in enhancing data quality in clinical trials, and use and documentation of centralized monitoring,

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and should not be attributed to the Society of Clinical Research Associates or Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

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The Changing Landscape of Human Subjects Research

Amy Waltz, JD, CIP
Associate Director – Regulatory Affairs, Reliance, Outreach
Indiana University

Abstract: Understanding context is key to understanding the regulations and complying with regulatory requirements. This article explores the historical context and events that shaped the current human subjects protection regulations and how changes in human subjects research and public perception have impacted the proposed revisions to the human subjects protection regulations. The 2017 revisions to the Common Rule (45CFR46) and the impact of these revisions on government funded research are also addressed.

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