Research Recruitment Study – MyChart Message Recruitment

Andrew Snyder MBA, PMP, FACMPE

One of the most common challenges of conducting clinical trials is related to problems with recruitment.   Insufficient or untimely patient recruitment for clinical trials may have serious consequences.   The length of the study may be extended, leading to increased costs and staffing concerns.   Trials that do not recruit the required number of patients may impact the data integrity.  Study teams that cannot recruit patients may not be invited to participate in future studies by industry partners or may have difficulty securing future grants.   In some cases, a trial may have to be terminated resulting in unpublishable results, poor financial outcomes, and disappointed stakeholders.

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Mobile Medical Devices

Mobile Medical Devices

By: Jonathan C. Young, PhD, MS, CIP, CCRP Senior Research Regulatory Operations Analyst Rush University Medical Center

Abstract: The use of mobile medical devices in clinical research is increasing significantly. This article provides an overview of regulations and guidance related to mobile medical devices including mobile apps. Possible risks and controversy that may arise from the use of mobile medical devices and how to improve submissions to institutional review boards for research involving mobile medical devices are also discussed. Examples of institutional review board review of real studies involving mobile medical devices at Rush University Medical Center are provided.

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Digital Tools for Billing Compliance

By: Kelly Willenberg, MBA, BSN, CCRP, CHRC, CHC
Kelly Willenberg & Associates

Abstract: Mobile technology, social media, and health information technology can help clinical research sites handle billing compliance. This article describes digital tools that clinical research professionals already have that they can use to facilitate billing compliance as well as the benefits and challenges of each tool. Clinical research professionals must determine which tools will be most effective at their site.

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