Leveraging eSource as a Study Manager for Remote Monitoring 

By:  Takoda Roland, CTM, CCRA, Associate Director of Clinical Operations, Sitero


I have long been a proponent of the potential of eSource and its advantages in clinical trials.  From my experience as a CRA (Clinical Research Associate) I first wrote about eSource in Nov 2018 SOCRA and Jan 2019 ACRP which enabled me to see that clinical research was only just scratching the surface on leveraging eSource to fundamentally change the way we are monitoring clinical trials.  At the time I did not expect to be find myself in a position to make a meaningful shift towards remote monitoring.  Several years later while working as a CTM (Clinical Team Manager) COVID forced CROs (Contract Research Organizations) to rethink their monitoring paradigm.  Drawing from both my own and my team’s experience with eSource, our study was able to successfully implement a remote monitoring process to mitigate the issues of running a clinical trial during a pandemic.  Even as someone who had long advocated for remote monitoring using eSource, I found myself astounded at the success our team achieved.   

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