BULLSEYE: What is Targeted Monitoring All About?

Jane Ferguson, RN, MN, CCRP
Senior CRA, Westat

Abstract: Targeted monitoring is the on-site component of risk-based monitoring and focuses on the aspects of clinical research that have the most potential to impact participant safety and the credibility of the study’s results. This article provides an overview of targeted monitoring, including the need for targeted monitoring and its role in risk-based monitoring. The basics of conducting a targeted monitoring visit are covered

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Quality by Design for Clinical Trials

Vatché Bartekian
President, Vantage BioTrials, Inc.

Abstract: Quality by design for clinical trials comprises an independent entity responsible for quality standards and an integrated system where each person is accountable for quality. This article explores myths about quality and provides a general overview of the principles and philosophy of quality by design. Quality issues normally encountered at clinical research sites and contract research organizations as well as practical ways to build quality into a research program in order to prevent issues are highlighted. The Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle and its tie-in with risk-based monitoring are described.

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